From Monica's friendly and warm greeting to her assurance I was in the best of hands, I felt comfortable and confident I was in the right place. Dr. Seldine's welcome, explanation of how the visit works and his completely thorough and detailed analysis of the results were nothing less than fantastic . This was probably the best doctor's appointment I've ever had in any discipline of medicine. Thank you Hearing Partners of S. Florida for the best experience! Like
Andrew Seligman
Even before my appointment, Liz was so pleasant that I looked forward to my appointment. Jan was fabulous while conducting my tests, explaining everything that was about to happen. She was thorough, professional, and so personable. 100% a great experience!
Rebecca Barkman
Dr. Adam is amazing. She sat with me and compassionately explained all my options. Answered all of my questions with a smile and made sure I was comfortable. Hearing issues are alienating and difficult, my visit with her gave me some much needed hope.
Jonathon Fraser
Dr Berg is the very best. On my first visit she was very patient with me and gave me so much time with her answering questions. Her examination was incredible and made me feel my hearing problem was very natural. I ordered hearing aides and will receive them in 2 weeks. Hopefully then I can give another review on my satisfaction. Thank you Dr Berg
Elaine Levenson
great personalized service.
Bill F
Hearing Partners is always very attentive to my hearing needs. I feel that my hearing is in good hands with them.
Andy Diemer
I am extremely pleased and happy with Dr. Seldine. He is knowledgeable,patient, caring and a lovely human being. Great office. Staff. It islocated in delray beach.
Trudy Tepper
Very satisfied with Dr. Adams and her staff.
ken reichle
larry levy
Just had another excelent expereince at Hearing Partners in Delray Beach. I have been taking my mother there for years and have always had positive expereinces with the Audiologists and office staff. They are kind, professional, patient and have helped my 98 yr. old mother A LOT. The office is peaceful and staff are warm. They follow up with periodic hearing tests, and ear wax checks/removal. It makes a tremendous difference when your loved one can hear. I wish we had found this place sooner and got the hearing aids sooner! Don't wait.
Rhonda Seiman
Thank you so much I had a great experience with the organization and my new doctor picking up my hearing aid this Friday. I would recommend Hearing partners of South Florida.
Edward Regan
Always provide caring and competent service.
Kim Ardila
Knowledgeable, on time, and efficient and just a good place to go.
Pat Ciresi
M. Looney is extremely knowledgeable and does an excellent job. She came highly recommended by a hearing specialist in the Midwest because of her credentials.
Vicki Hunkler
Michelle was extremely patient and courteous and full of knowledge. A great experience. I’ll be getting a device which I really need
Larry Brendler
First time and I'm now a customer
Ron Kornet
Very satisfied with service provided. Always responsive to any problems and routine visits are helpful and informative.
Dan Colussy
I have been coming here for a few years and I am very pleased. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr Seldine is excellent. He listens to his patients and addresses their concerns. He also is very good at explaining everything in a manner that even us older folks can understand. He makes me feel I am in good hands. I am very happy I started coming here.
Art Work
I just celebrated my over three years as a patient of Dr. Michelle Looney with a new set of Oticon Hearing Aids! Dr. Looney is extremely knowledgeable, perceptive, intuitive and kind. She presents with knowledge and patience and allows the patient to properly evaluate the product and how well it works for them. I recommended a friend and was confident that Dr. Looney would be able to assist and care for this woman who is 96 and has vision issues as well. Dr. Looney exhibited extraordinary patience and concern in caring for her and assisting in the proper product to best benefit her needs and went well beyond normal service to resolve my friend痴 issues.
Mary Ann Smith
Dr.Nimet Adam is very attentive to her patients, never rushes you. She is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly explains everything. Love going to her.
gul cumber
Dr Adam is extremely professional, knowledgeable and respectful! She takes care of her patients with utmost attention to details. She listens and customizes her treatment approach. I would recommend that EVERYONE use her practice. Her office is clean and well kept. I would never use any another audiologist.
Allison Weissman
Dr Seldine dry caring and patient. Explains vert clearly. Staff is great
Marcia Wishansky
Dr. Looney is great to work with. Very knowledgeable and caring
Richard Jaffe
Very attentive. Seems to want to help you. And takes pride in what he does.
eric purcell
I just celebrated my over three years as a patient of Dr. Michelle Looney with a new set of Oticon Hearing Aids! Dr. Looney is extremely knowledgeable, perceptive, intuitive and kind. She presents with knowledge and patience and allows the patient to properly evaluate the product and how well it works for them. I recommended a friend and was confident that Dr. Looney would be able to assist and care for this woman who is 96 and has vision issues as well. Dr. Looney exhibited extraordinary patience and concern in caring for her and assisting in the proper product to best benefit her needs and went well beyond normal service to resolve my friend’s issues.
Mary Ann Smith
Thorough, kind, easy to work with, professional and affordable - even if your insurance company sucks like BCBS! Jan is the best there is. This is an easy five Star recommendation.
David P
Jan has such a great knowledge and makes sure you are fitted for the correct hearing aids. Thanks for making it so easy
Pat Breitenbach
I cannot say enough about Dr. Seldine and his professionalism to guide me through to the best result for my hearing loss. He is compassionate, kind and absolutely couldn’t be happier with my new Oticon hearing aids. Thank you ? and your staff. High recommend. ~Susan DiMascio~
Susan DiMascio
Outstanding!!!!!!!!!! Dr Was able to help my father immediately in the office . My dad entered the office with significant hearing loss and left hearing everything. Dad was very very happy.
Thomas Lincoln
Everyone at Hearing Partners has been wonderful. Any time I had problems with my aids they were very quick to respond and assist me. I recently received a cochlear implant and Dr Seldine and Dr Looney have been very helpful. Definitely recommend them!
Linda Eisenhower
Dr. Michelle Looney is an excellent and personable professional who has helped me tremendously with my tinnitus.
Kristie Tashjian
answered all my questions did very good fitting
Bert Jaffe
True professionals. Their interest is to help you (us) hear, Dr. Matt Seldine has been helping me and doing a great job. He is truly interested in fine tuning the hearing aids I'm currently wearing. Thank you Dr. Matt. and entire staff. Hearing Partners do things right. They are not hucksters or slick sales people like some franchises are.
They are all 5 star rated movie stars of the Audiology Business. Expert service from very caring professionals! Posted by Michael a 15 year happy client!
Michael Guill
Very thorough and friendly.
Sandy Sobke
I was kept informed of what was happening and how I was doing throughout my hearing test.
Tom P
Hearing Partners of Delray Beach is where you need to go to for the care and health of your ears. You will get complete testing and a clear understanding of the results along with a solution plan. Dr. Adam, along with the entire staff, are true professionals who are knowledgeable and caring. The entire staff is just terrific. You definitely feel valued as a patient while getting the best professional care.
Tom Hyman
Always well cared for at Hearing Partners. Dr. Adam is extremely patient and caring!
Eve Saraceni
We never imagined a visit to the audiologist would be something to look forward to, but we thoroughly enjoy our visits to Hearing Partners… just to see, and learn from Dr. Michelle Looney! She is very thorough, knows her stuff, and has a heart of a teacher.
Bdlebo Lieberman
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, follows best practice guidelines, no wait time.
MaryAnn Shea
Reception crew was very nice. Dr. Looney was exceptional. She was friendly and thorough and took plenty of time taking your history. She explained the entire process and the office feels very welcoming. I highly recommend her services!
very professional
George Fugelsang
Excellent service Excellent care The place to go
Frank Sinacori
Dr. Looney was extremely accommodating, kind, patient, and overall phenomenal!
Stacy Beth
I've been seeing Dr. Adams for several years and she is just wonderful to work with. Any complaint I may have had, she's right there to help me...even at times when it wasn't that easy to do so. I've bought several hearing aids over the years and she always connected me with the ones that best fit my needs. I've bought hearing aids from other audiologists and was never satisfied. All the personnel at Hearing Partners are very courteous, helpful and delightful. I would recommend Hearing Partners wholeheartedly and would definitely give it an excellent rating.
Mildred Jaffe
The ease of an appointment. The thouroghness of the exam, the friendliness of the doctor and the ease at which the aids were purchased and explained. DR. Looney is a true benefit to Hearing Partners!
Doctor is professional been to many but by far he’s the best !!
Chad Quant
Very professional and thorough. Took time to explain everything. Linda
Linda Farber
Very nice & there is a Dr. Audiologist on site which was very important to me. The hearing aids I tried on were the most comfortable I have tried on yet . No background Noise & easy to hear.
Linda Ditroia
Staff was courteous and efficient. No long wait times. The doctor was knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend a family member or friend.
Elaine Papa
Very kind and professional
Juan Dennis
Fabulous experience getting new hearing aids. Everyone was pleasant efficient and professional. I love going to the Hearing Partners.
Tom Becraft
Leah Cohen
Dr.looney in Jupiter is the best ! I first met dr. Looney back in feb. of this year. I was having trouble with my hearing .what was thought to be caused by built up wax turned out i had hearing loss in both ears and needed cochlear implants for both ears. dr. Looney wasted no time with scheduling an appointment and started testing me right away. She left no corner unturned i was tested with hearing ( hearing aides was not an option for me) She took her time and explained everything that was going on with my hearing issue and walked me through what she was going to do next step by step.She’s very informative, encouraging, and honest. She wasted no time speaking with the insurance company and setting me up with my cochlear team. She made sure my equipment was order and appointment was setup after surgery to meet with her and a representative from cochlear Americas for my activation and mapping. She takes her time to make sure all your questions are answered ,concerns are acknowledged and taking care of.she walked me through everything with my cochlear (Kanso 2 ) made sure i was comfortable with putting it on, taking it off, what the light indicators meant, setting me up with my phone and apps, and going over them with me so I understood what the app and phone features was about and how it functions, my hearing therapy and sending me information to use.Working with her has been the best experience for me with this new journey that is now my life. I can only give five stars but she is a 10/10.
Felicita Bryant
Reception crew was very nice. Dr. Looney was exceptional. She was friendly and thorough and took plenty of time taking your history. Not rushed, as with other medical professionals. I highly recommend her services!
Caren Tierney
Hearing partners is in the business of selling hearings aids But there business is improving your quality of life with hearing Doctor Berg is absolutely wonderful The ultimate professional Thank you hearing partners and thank you doctor berg
Eric Grandfield
very professional and caring
Lynn Berger
I have been a patient of Dr. Nimet Adam and Hearing Partners of South Florida for many years. The friendliness, empathy and service provided is exemplary and gets even better with every visit. I highly recommend them!
Susan King
Everyone that works there and also the Doctors are really great. When you have an appointment they take you always on time. No rushing. Enjoy the visits
Sandy M
Dr. Nimet Adam and her team are everything you could hope for in terms of expertise and caring in the field of Audiology. Have been a patient for about 5 years and have never been disappointed.
Ethel Liebman
Very helpful and very professional, in every respect. I was proud to also bring a friend to Hearing Partners and to see how well she wlas helped in obtaining hearing aids.
Julia C Fitzpatrick
Michelle is so great . She listens , she cares and is always up on how you can make your hearing aid better. Best place to go
Michele Porett
Caring and competent: two important qualities
Dina Burg
I so wish I had visited Hearing Partners years ago when I first needed hearing aids. I was referred to this facility by a friend of a friend, and my goodness, what a pleasure! I was treated by Dr. Seldine, a most patient, competent, pleasant and knowledgeable gentleman. The hearing tests were amazing and as a result I purchased a new pair of hearing aids. The staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with and out of five stars, I would give 10!!! I highly recommend dealing with this company.
Greta Joffe
They are thorough and listen carefully to what my experience is, above and beyond the testing.
Libby Dodd
Very beautiful office and wonderful doctor.
Jan Walker
An excellent service appointment with Dr. Seldine and his intern Aly. They spent quality time with me understanding my issues while offering reasonable options. A bonus was a deep cleaning and reprograming of my Oticons aides. I now look forward to my annual exam in December. I highly recommend Dr Seldine.
Jim Mooney
Alexis Heffner / Sheri Berg are very qualified for what they do. I have a fairly severe hearing loss & require the strongest & most technologically advanced aids I can get my hands on. Sheri has helped me navigate through all the technology in my new Oticon’s , quite successfully. I do recommend Hearing Partners & their very qualified staff . I do have 1 complaint, I did recommend a friend who bought a pair of aids from Hearing Partners 2 weeks before I bought mine. The referral got me $25.00 off my very expensive hearing aids & a total of over $10,000 in sales between the 2 sales.
Paul Weingart
I've been going to Hearing Partners for over 5 years. Always a great experience.
Kathleen Riescher
Dr Looney is a great Doctor! I absolutely loved her. Very informative.
Ruth Martin
At each of my visits I felt like I was very special. Dr. Looney took the time to explain things and to answer my questions. She is a very special person and I can't thank her enough for her caring. The woman at the front desk was very pleasant and professional.
claire harris
Brought my mom, who was very reluctant to leave Costco but wasn’t actually going there, for new hearing aids. Dr. Matt was fantastic. He talked to my mom warmly and simply. She felt safe and comfortable and that he was giving her great direction without “selling” her. Wendy and Shane were also empathetic and kind. Highly recommend.
Howard Winer
Dr. Looney at the Boynton Beach location is the best. Very nice and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Michael Trimis
.. I would like to thank all the staff of Delray office for their kind service, but specially to Dr. Adam, who worked very hard for the last 9 months to finally get my earmold adjusted until she got it right ... thanks Nimet, I was impressed by your great attitude even when I came back every week with the same problem ... I wish you and all the office staff a happy holiday season and the best for 2022 ?❤️
Graziela Alfonso
Dr Looney is great. She is honest and does great work. Helped me get new wiring for my hearing aids under warranty and retuned them so now they are perfect!
Jonathan Griffis
Great place like no other. The staff is very caring and friendly. And they are always there for you when you need them. Hearing Partners and the audiologists are one in a million!
Renee F. Simon
Very friendly and informative visit. The Dr. was so kind and patient with my parents.
Jo Spell
Everyone is friendly and efficient. If anything is wrong they take care of it right away.
Barbara Nezer
Outstanding, Doctor Looney is the best. She took the time necessary to make sure that I understood my options while purchasing hearing aids. I can finally hear again. She also scheduled follow up appointments to make sure that all of my concerns were answered. The office staff were very friendly and caring.
Rick Hines
Extremely professional in aspects of the testing. I have never had such an extensive test yet so easy to understand when explaining the procedures. Totally satisfied with the whole experience.
Thomas Kasperski
Dr. Looney helped my son while we were traveling in Florida from NY. He had an issue with his Cochlear Implants and she was able to accommodate us the same morning we called. Very happy with our experience!
S. Modicamore
The staff and Audiologist were wonderful. The test not so nice but very caring about how I was feeling and talking me through the test.
Jeanne McCaffery
I’ve been seeing Meredith Resnick for several years. She is thorough and professional and makes the experience as pleasant as possible. Always a smile of welcome. In fact all the staff I have met there have been kind and helpful.
Clarita Zeppie
I highly recommend Dr. Matthew Seldine, Audiologist at Hearing Partners of So. Florida at 6110 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach. He is professional, nice, answers any questions you may have, and educates on your particular situation. Office staff is also friendly. I am grateful my friend recommended him, and my husband was tested last year and fitted for hearing aids. This year it was my turn. Very happy!
Debra Nelson
I am so glad that this place was recommended to me for my hearing and auditory processing issue. They are all such an amazing staff who really cares about their patients. The quality of care doesn't end on day one, they all help to continue to make ones quality of life better. 10/10 would recommend for anyone regardless of age.
Rebekah Stewart
I took my mother here for a hearing test and hearing aides. I was so impressed with the service we received from the staff and especially the audiologist Michelle Looney. my mother lives in Broward and cannot understand why I was taking her so far. I explained that I send patients here all the time for testing and always get good service. my mother was so happy the way she was treated and most of all the fact that she will be able to hear again. I truly want to thank everyone there for such a wonderful experience my mom said she felt like they were part of her family
David McGinnis
From our first visit, my Mom and I felt comfortable and in good hands. Everyone, to a person, was friendly and welcoming. Wendy is as helpful as she can be and Meredith, our audiologist, is both patient and caring about Mom's profound hearing loss and hearing aid needs. We feel we are truly among friends at Hearing Partners and we recommend it to everyone we know who could need their help with their hearing problems--and there are many! Hearing aids help those people with hearing loss to rejoin their family and friends in every way and not miss out on special times and conversations. We went through that with my Mom and are very satisfied with the quality hearing aids we purchased. The service is the very best and I can't rate Meredith, Wendy and Hearing Partners any higher!
Carole Seigworth
When I became a snowbird, I started looking for a practice that specialized in hearing, audiology & hearing aids; I stumbled upon Hearing Partners of S. Florida, almost by accident several years ago, & have been happy ever since. Dr. Mathew Seldine has been my primary audiologist, has always explained every single aspect of hearing loss & has always encouraged questions; I have never felt rushed in any of my visits. Having met with different members of the practice, from the administrative staff to audiology interns, I've always been treated with respect & a willingness to help with any issues. From a practical point of view: when I was considering switching from one brand of hearing aids to another, I was able to try them out for a week or two to see how they felt & performed. The ability to actually wear them prior to buying them was invaluable in making a decision. My original audiologist & ENT are from a very large practice in Westchester, NY &, while I was satisfied with the level of care & expertise, I always felt lost in the crowd, so to speak. The advantage of a smaller practice like Hearing Partners of S. Florida is that you become known to just about everyone working there, all of whom have gone out of their way to help, & are considered as an individual, not just one of many.
Anne Newman
Absolutely one of the best experiences I could have had, fitting my mom for the appropriate hearing aids. Dr. Looney is AMAZING! Her expertise and gentle manner made my mom feel completely at ease as she was nervous about her first appointment. I cannot recommend Dr. Looney and the staff at Hearing Partners in Boynton Beach enough!!
Diane LeGette
They are very nice, professional and proficient. Dr Looney is a great audiologist and Elizabeth is very helpful. Great office. Great people.
Jeff K
If you need an audiologist, this is where you should go. You will get complete testing and a clear understanding of the results along with a solution plan. Dr. Adam is a true professional who is knowledgeable and caring. The entire staff is just terrific. You definitely feel valued as a patient.
Tom Hyman
So professional and caring. Dr. Looney made me feel that I was in great hands. I would definitely recommend visiting her for all your hearing needs.
Michael Herlands
I had a great experience with Dr. Michelle Looney.
Ben Hurowitz
Dr Seldine and his team made my hearing aid experience a truly positive one. My first set of hearing aids are working out great. My only regret is having waited so long to get them
bette sterling
Words cannot describe how happy I have been to have found Dr Matthew Seldine . He is an excellent Audiologist. He is using the latest technology to diagnose and treat any hearing issues . He is very patient . He takes the time to explain everything I have learned how your hearing can affect your brain health . I am wearing my first hearing aid and life is wonderful. I have referred other family members and they are equally happy .
I can't say enough about the quality and attention to detail that Dr. Looney gave me when I visited to have my hearing checked. She ran all her tests and not only answered my questions but showed me all the results of her testing. She made sure I understood everything she presented. She checked my insurance and even called the company to make sure my insurance covered most of the expense. Her demeanor is very calming and she is very client-centered in her approach. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who has hearing needs.
They are very good! Dr Seldine and his staff are professional, compassionate, knowledgeable in their field, friendly and very patient with each person that comes into their office. Very pleased!
Maudine P.
I had a wonderful first visit and follow up at Hearing Partners of South Florida. The staff was super nice, never waited more than 3 minutes to be seen, never felt rushed, my hearing aids came in two days later after they were ordered, and I always received a call the following day to check in to make sure my hearing aids were working to my satisfaction. I highly recommend going to see them if your in need of assistance with hearing issues.
Jennifer Peach
I loved going to the Jupiter location, amazing staff, super professional and great communication. Always available if I had any questions or concerns about my hearing device. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need.
Jennifer Peach
Very kind and caring . Dr. Looney made sure my hearing aides fit right and were comfortable .
Wendy Rudner
I have been bringing my 94 year old father to this office for 2 years, for repairs to old, outdated hearing aids. Dr. Seldine and the entire staff could not be more helpful and caring if they were treating their own family. Dr. Seldine has gone out of his way to help me help my dad, trying to find solutions to the problems with his existing hearing aids, knowing that it would be difficult for my dad to make a change to something new. However, we ultimately needed to take the plunge to getting a new system. Dr. Seldine was so patient and kind to my father, and to me, searching for a solution that would be the easiest transition for my dad. I am eternally grateful for all of his help, as well as the help and support from the entire staff. It's not often that you find an entire office of people who care as much as they do.
Nancy S.
I’ve had the opportunity to be served by Dr. Seldine at Hearing Partners South Florida Delray Beach. I couldn’t be more pleased with their knowledge and service. One important service is they use real ear measurements. This is a must if you want your aids to work to their best. We have been working with a new hearing aid system called Whisper. If you are just accepting the sounds you are now getting from your hearing aids because you think that’s the way they all work you need to try Whisper. I’ve had a number of different aids but now I can truly say I love my Whisper aids. The sound is louder but the sounds are natural.
Len Broverman
Dr. Nimet Adam has been treating my mom for hearing loss over the past 10 years. Without hearing aids my mom can barely hear at all. With the caring and compassionate help of Dr. Adam, and the hearing aids that she has prescribed, my mom's hearing has steadily improved over the years. My mom is now 96 years old, and with the most recent hearing aids that Dr. Adam provided, she is no longer distracted by background noises and she can hear conversations easily. I highly recommend Dr. Adam as an Audiologist.
Sharon Letsch
I put off wearing hearing aids until I met Dr. Looney. She was great. She explained the process, conducted a number of hearing tests and then discussed the results with me. When talking about solutions she provided me with a number of different hearing aids. Extremely knowledgeable. I ended up selecting a pair that fit over my ears (you can barely notice them) that is compatible with my phone. I would definitely recommend Dr. Looney to someone who is needs hearing aids but is, like me, reluctant to see a professional.
Bruce White
I am extremely excited about being able to hear better. The people who have been working with me are very helpful and knowledgeable and patient. Hope everyone recommend come here.
Arlene Feinman
I've been a client of Hearing Partners Of South Florida for several years now. I have found every experience with Dr Adam & staff to be most professional, courteous and above all professional. I couldn't be more pleased or recommend them more highly!
Sharon Sossner
The quality of service is exceptional. I have previously bought hearing aids from Costco and from a large hearing aid specialty chain. But how well the hearing aids will work is dependent on the audiologist or technician and the choices of equipment that they offer. Costco may cost you less but that is because the models they sell are lower end models from various manufacturers and are locked for service only by Costco hearing aid centers. The technicians are limited by the equipment that they have available to sell you and if you move to an area where there is no Costco, you cannot get adjustments or repairs made . The large chains also sell locked models which are made for them by one of the larger manufacturers. The prices there are hard to compare because they are rebranded and do not necessarily have the same features as the supposedly equivalent units sold by the manufacturer under its own name. The accessories are not necessarily compatible either because of the hardware lock. Buying a hearing aid from Hearing Partners is like buying insurance from an independent agent. They sell most of the reputable brands and can get you the right model foryour specific needs. I went to Hearing Partners because I had seen reviews of a particular brand new model that promised more natural sound. None of the competing independent hearing aid stores knew anything about that model. One of Hearing Partners audiologists not only knew about it but had just completed training on the setup of that model. Meredith was that audiologist. She ran the standard hearing tests but added a test that had never been done for me before. She tested for my ability to understand speech when the background noise levels would make comprehension difficult. We ordered the hearing aids and they were ready the next week. They got them with the short cable length that I knew I needed whereas Costco had insisted that on my previous hearing aids I needed 2 sizes longer disregarding my complaints of discomfort. Meredith sent me home with the hearing aids and all the accessories to try them for a week (or 2, I don't remember at the moment) At first I was thrilled with the hearing aids, but I discovered that I would have to reset and reinstall the Bluetooth almost daily, and then the hearing aids stopped working because my ears develop a lot of wax. Meredith and I came to the conclusion that these new technology hearing aids were great on paper but weren't ready for release to the public. She recommended a hearing aid from a different manufacturer that sold for the same price. They have tester models that they sterilize between users and I would try them for a week and if I liked them then she would order me my own set. They were just what I needed. While they didn't have that special feature that had me look for that other model, they had several features that more than compensated for that one missing feature. She then ran another test that had never been run for me before. This test compared what I heard to what I should hear. The quality of service that Meredith gave me and her patience with having a customer who had ear problems that made fitting me for hearing aids more difficult than normal impressed me very much especially after having dealt with Costco where the technicians acted as though I was an inconvenience rather than a customer. I recommend Hearing Partners and in particular Meredith without any reservations.
Jerry Grynspan
Dr. Matthew Seldine is THE BEST! He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and patient. He improved my father's hearing tremendously. We are grateful to him and his excellent team for the wonderful care they gave to our family. We appreciate the follow-up care they provide.
Laurie Hieronymi
I've been a patient of Hearing Partners for quite a few years and have complete confidence in them. Their testing is so thorough, and I am so happy with the hearing aids and all the follow up care I receive from Hearing Partners. The selection of hearing devices seems very wide ranging. I foolishly got some lower priced hearing aids from a "big box store", but after a few years of lower quality hearing aids, I returned to Hearing Partners. The difference is huge: way more testing, many options for hearing aids, and frequent follow ups to be sure I'm getting the full benefits of my hearing aids. I'll stick with Hearing Partners from now on!
Ellie R
I have been wearing hearing aids for about 30 years and have moved quite a bit, as I am in the Hospitality Industry. I must say, Hearing Partners and Dr. Looney, even more so, are THE BEST that I've dealt with !!! I live near the Boynton Beach Office and while it's easier for me to make an appointment so I can stop in on my way to work, early appointments aren't always available ... On more than 1 occasion, Dr. Looney has come in early (8:30AM), prior to officially opening and saw me and resolved my issues, so I didn't have to wait weeks for an appointment The service is great, but what Dr. Looney does is above and beyond I would recommend Hearing Partners and Dr. Looney, to every/all !!! THANK YOU DR. Looney !!!
Thomas DeLouise
If you need hearing aids see Matthew Seldine I have had three sets of hearing aids from three different audiences And have give up on the hearing aid Industry I did a lot of research online and found I need to go to a best practices doctor of audiology I am so glad I found Dr. Matthew Seldine. He was not the closest doctor to my home but I will never go to anyone else but him from now on!
Dan Kellermeyer
What a delightful experience this was for me. Dr. Seldine has succeeded my expectations bringing my frustrating problem of hearing loss to an end. The patience he showed in helping me achieve my goals with my new hearing aids was awesome. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks, Doc.
Marie Toole
My visit here was great. Constantly having impacted ear wax, so dropped in to get cleaned out. They have some of the best tech in this office. All new and high end equipment to make everything simple, painless, and quick. Dr. Adams was great and explained everything thoroughly. Will be back here every 6 months.
Faisal M.
About five years ago, Dr. Adam changed my life. I had given up on hearing aids but she found the perfect brand for me and fine-tuned them until I was hearing like a 10-year-old! On follow-up visits, she makes sure that any issues I might have are dealt with swiftly and skillfully. I'm 100% satisfied. Hearing Partners provides a wonderful experience--they don't just want to sell their products, they want to service their patients for the long term. I truly look forward to my appointments with Dr. Adam, and how often can you say that about a doctor?
Debbie Shapiro
Outstanding and very knowledgeable- will recommend to all.
David Hanna
Recently had an appointment with Dr. Looney in the Jupiter office. She was professional and proficient in evaluating my hearing deficit. She recommended hearing aids and was diligent in providing follow up to achieve proper fit. She was readily available for adjustments as I became more comfortable with my new sounds. The Jupiter office is very well run: minimal wait time, stream line check in/out, friendly staff, easy accessibility and parking. Highly recommend Dr. Looney for hearing evaluations/hearing aids. She is a valuable resource in the Jupiter area.
Shaun Lencki
DR.LOONEY IS AWSOMEE! She’s super nice and very patient and answers all your doubts and questions. I recommend her to everyone! My mom loves her ! 10/10 rating !
Hashtag abigail
Great, helped my mother significantly
Matt Werna
The best people to work with, I met them trough a client of theirs. They make sure you get the correct product to help you hear.
Steve Berlin
A very pleasant experience. I had some difficulty in obtaining forms from my primary care doctor’s office. WENDY, the office manager at HEARING PARTNERS went out of her way to assist me. Her competency in dealing with the bureaucracy was invaluable. Every office should have a Wendy. My hearing was evaluated by DR. SELDINE. He made it an informative experience by explaining all the intricacies of the tests and the differences of the methods. His explanation of the results were very detailed. His competency was very reassuring. I highly recommend HEARING PARTNERS, WENDY and DR. SELDINE.
Jeffrey Drogin
wonderful customer service.
David Brender
It's a pleasure being under the care of Dr. Adam and her staff. Always kind, considerate, and very knowledgeable.
It was absolutely great! Super knowledgeable, kind and caring group of doctors. They really worked with my father, the primary doctor as well as family to get things just right for my father. we wouldn't consider any other audiology group but Hearing Partners. Thank you.
Agota Perez
Dedicated staff and quality products! Always given above and beyond service!
Sheila Romanick
A few years ago I realized that I was having trouble hearing. I had always suffered from Tinnitus (ringing in your ears) but did not know that untreated it can cause hearing loss. The audiologists at Hearing Partners fitted me with a pair of digital aids and took the time to educate me on ways to deal with my Tinnitus. What a difference ! I am now able to hear people more clearly both in person and on the phone and also watching TV. I could not be happier with their service and professionalism.
Aleef Adam
Dr. Seldine is top notch when it comes to patient care. If you are in need of hearing health services, I recommend him without hesitation.
Allison M
Dr. Adam was very Professional and patient. Did thorough testing and explanation before starting the process. The staff is very courteous. I was extremely pleased and would definitely recommend Hearing Partners to all my friends.
Aftab Cumber
It was an great experience, from the first phone call. I felt very comfortable and welcome when i was greeted in the lobby. The doctor was both professional and patient with all my mothers questions and objections. Once we got through the testing the doctor made recommendations that would best suit her needs. The treatment plan included our family's part as well. I will recommend Hearing Partners to anyone with hearing or balance issues. Thank you Hearing Partners.
Thank you very much for the stars!!
JoAnne Cianfichi
.Being a first time patient at anytime can be a stressful and anxious experience. Entering the waiting room of Hearing Partners of South Florida was anything but stressful. Pleasantly greeted at the front desk we were told be seated and would seen shortly. A few minutes later we were greeted by Dr Matthew Seldine and asked to follow him to his office. We instantly realized that we were being seen by a very professional, but caring doctor who was interest and sensitive the concerns of his patients. Since moving to Delray Beach, that comforting experience was not always the case when seeing a new doctor for the first time. Dr Seldine, didn't seem to be "watching the clock" as he attended to my concerns. He took his time testing my current hearing aids carefully and at the same time explaining in detail and without the technical vocabulary so that we fully understood what he was saying. Our confidence in his knowledge and expertise grew exponentially as he completed his diagnosis of my hearing aids. It's great to know that there are young doctors out there with "old school," the patient comes first ideals. Dr Seldine certainly fits that model. When we need to address any additional hearing concerns, we will look forward to using him exclusively. Richard and Kathy Cohen
Kathy Cohen
Excellent doctors and staff
My experience at Hearing Partners was wonderful. My hearing aids have opened a whole new world for me. Both Dr. Adams and Kelsey made me feel very comfortable. I've known for some time that I did have some hearing loss, but was putting off that first visit to an audiologist. Now I really see the difference and no longer have to pretend to hear. Thank you Dr. Adams and Kelsey.
Stan Goodman
I am very happy I found Hearing Partners . The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. I know my hearing needs will be well taken care of here.
Gale Mendes
Excellent service! They took me in as an emergency walk in and received 1st rate treatment. Facility is 5 star. I highly recommend. Kelly was extremely professional.
Bradley Browne
I love Meridith she is very caring and patient. a pleasure to see be wilh.
phyllis lubman
I absoutely loved this office. They made me feel good and safe the whole time. It was my first time getting my hearing checked and tested for vertigo and the whole process was with ease and care .I mostly loved the audiologist . She was funny and got all the built up wax out of my ear with ease. The doctor and his staff made you feel good and well taken care of.
Denise Murray
Excellent Staff!
Kenneth Batch
Provided professional advice for my Mom's hearing aids which she did buy from them.
Brad Albom
No waiting...Fast And Efficient. Dr. Zinaman does an outstanding exam and explains everything as he goes. Evie at the Front Desk is amazing. A perfect stop for you hearing needs !!!
The staff were very professional, knowledgeable, and showed courtesy. Problem with hearing aids resolved very quickly.
Robert Schiff
Wonderful experience. Kelsey was extremely helpful.
Janice Carr
My husband has been going for 3 years and finds them very accommodating and easy to work with.
So far, I am happy with my "ear plugs"! I do not yet feel secure--I am afraid they will fall out and I will lose them. I do have an appt with Dr Zinaman, and he will probably help me with these issues.
Elaine Pruchansky
Very helpful,and knowledgable, overall good experience.
Matt cleaned the wax out of my ears and I barely felt it. So gentle and well done.
Buddy Rubin
This was a very pleasant experience and the hearing exam was very quick.
Xavier Evans
Thorough examination, explained everything, pleasant office and extremely pleasant receptionist, Evie.
Bea Freer
Meredith at Hearing Partners is superb in her knowledge and care of my hearing problem. Together with her assistant today - I had another pleasant hearing test.
Robert Seibel
Everyone was courteous, pleasant and professional. They addressed my issues quickly and efficiently. Thank you! Dennis G.
Dennis Golub
Terry Gerber
Everyone there is very pleasant.
Richard Fives
From the moment we walked in the door Nicholas and I felt very welcome walking to the door after asking to come back we were welcomed with smiles and hellos by even different ones that weren't assisting us to go see the doctor audiologist and she was fabulous and we think we found our new hearing Partners in South Florida
Mary Jane Roussaw
Stephanie and I were very impressed on Hearing Partners!
Robert Soderberg
Dr. Seldine was very kind, knowledgeable and capable. Very satisfied with the visit.................L. Kaplan
mike Kaplan
These guys are great. They are very helpful and understanding.
Michael Grant
I was referred by the VA. Service was good and wait time was minimal. Testing was handled in competent and professional manner.
Paul Tremont
We love everyone at the Hearing Partners office on Boynton Beach Blvd. They have been so accommodating in a very difficult time for us. We were unfamiliar with the process as we have never had issues with hearing loss in our family. 2 years ago, my then 6 year old was diagnosed with fairly significant hearing loss which was deemed genetic and had to be fitted with bilateral hearing aids. As a momma, I was devastated and angry and lost, the compassion and knowledge of this office helped us tremendously. I know my daughter is well taken care of there. I would highly recommend this practice.
Keri DeLorenzo
A very informative visit with lots of information to digest. Someone that wants to try out the Lyric hearing aid would do well to come and take advantage of the week trial period to see if it would be the perfect fit for their hearing loss.
Christina Royce
Great place with pleasant staff. They were very welcoming and made the experience a pleasurable one.
Too early to tell. So far service was good.
Lawrence Chayt
Dr Seldine is the best audiologist doctor I've ever been to. Caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable...including staff.
Very kind helpful staff. Best U found and they work with on line merchants and insurance
Sarah Barnes
personnel are always curtious patient and knowledgeable.
Bernard Belson
Everybody was professional, considerate, and pleasant. They took good care of me. I felt i was in good hands, which is not always the case in every hearing center.
Marc Solomon
Great service, great staff! Should have done this a long time ago
Myrna Welkovich
I am a hearing mother of two deaf adult children and two deaf grandchildren I have had a lot of experience with hearing aids and hearing aid dealers. When I realized that I was having problems with hearing conversation and in the movie theaters I knew it was time. I feel so fortunate to have found Hearing Partners. Everyone from my Audiologist Meredith Resnick to the entire staff make the experience so comfortable. The service after you purchase the aid that is right for you and your loss is incredible.
Deanna Marks
I have been wearing hearing aids for 52 years. My mom started with Dr. Adam when she first opened 22 years ago. My mom was Dr. Adams first patient. I have been going to the DELRAY office since my mom passed 9 years ago. The service is impeccable! The staff is above and beyond the BEST! I highly recommend you choose Hearing partners in Delray Beach, Florida for your hearing needs.
The staff is great! I would highly recommend this place to everyone.
Eugene La Branch
Great staff and very helpful. It's always nice to go to a doctor's office and feel comfortable and that is exactly what they do. If you need your hearing checked definitely go here!!
zachary sanders
Very professional, kind I loved Evei and Dr. S. I was very nervous going in but they put my worries too rest. The office was very clean, with the latest and greatest gadgets/tools for hearing testing. Location was very Easy to find, plenty of parking. If you have any concerns about your hearing I truly recommend them. Thank you so much to the Boynton Beach location!!!
Michell Morales
The entire staff from the Doctor to the receptionist was most helpful courteous, and concerned. I was seen promptly. My examination was thorough and everything was explained to me through the entire process of my hearing evaluation and choice of hearing aids. I would highly recommend them.
Gerald Black
Great Office staff from first call to make appointment to Welcome to the office. The exam was very thorough and everything was explained well putting me at ease.The Doctor understood my need. He explained the costs involved prior to making changes. Overall, great experience.
Barbie Moskowitz
Very informative. Answered all my questions. Felt comfortable. Very professional .
Steve Kohn
First visit, Dr Adam was extremely patient , caring & more knowledgeable then any other person I've been too. Meredith was equally patient, caring. Most of all, trying different types of hearing aids, working hard to get me more comfortable with the severe hearing loss that I have. The entire staff are remarkable
Sondra Greene
Excellent,comprehensive exam by Dr. Zinaman.He checked my hearing,my ears, and then my hearing aid.Very attentive and knowledgeable.
Naomi Fox
I can tell you the staff "Hear" is very knowledgeable. I was happy to see that the team is working together to help each person. Each person gets personalized treatment and I love how friendly everybody was! Definitely worth your time if you are looking for quality care.
Caleb M
It was a good experience. Art Zinaman gave me the hearing exam and then went over the results. The hearing Aids were wonderful and they were adjusted that speaking voices sounded natural without the usual tinney sound you get from other aids. I purchased the Opticon OPN 1unit...expensive yes....worth it yes. The unit connects to your Bluetooth and your IPhone can control certain functions. My phone is an android which OPTICON does have a program for and I will go back to see if Doctor Zinaman can get it functioning.
howard lazarus
Extremely professional, friendly, and highly competent.
Robert Resnick
My husband and I were very impressed by Dr. Zinaman and Evie. I have had no problems at all and we were pleased we selected them to do business with. We had visited other offices before we chose them.
Bea Johnson
Very good, very professional!!
Rodolfo Duncan
Excellent! Very helpful and professional!
Bill Morgan
I highly recommend Hearing Partners of South Florida! Great staff - helpful but not pushy, and very knowledgeable. I am hearing better than I have in years! And I am wifi connected to my phone! Amazing!
Ken R.
Highly satisfied. Extremely competent and caring treatment. All adjustments handled quickly and efficiently. I intend to be back there shortly.
Sandy Sadowitz
Mary Fitzpatrick
If you feel you need help with your hearing problems make this your first stop. Wonderful staff and excellent audiologist. Thank you Dr. Zinaman for all your help
Very professional. I was impressed. The doctor did not rush me and answered all my questions thoroughly. I ordered Oticon Alta 2 Pro. Hoping for a positive experience when I received them.
Leonard Altman
The staff and audiologists are friendly, courteous and cheerful. My problem was a little difficult to solve but Meredith, my audiologist was persistent. As a result I have devices that are nearly invisible and work wonderfully.
Clarita Zeppie
My boss has been going to Hearing partners for the past 6 months for Lyrics hearing aids. They have been providing him with exceptional service. He has had ongoing issues with his Lyrics (manufacturer problems) and they have been extremely accommodating to see him the same day to correct the issues. I highly recommend them.
I've been going to Hearing Partners for over a year and everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. The best part is that I can hear!
My boss has been going to Hearing partners for the past 6 months for Lyrics hearing aids. They have been providing him with exceptional service. He has had ongoing issues with his Lyrics (manufacturer problems) and they have been extremely accommodating to see him the same day to correct the issues. I highly recommend them.
Alexandra Sweade
I have been going to Hearing Partners for 3 years and I drive an hour from my home to continue with this group because of the excellent service from everyone in this office. If I have an emergency with my lyrics the office staff finds a way to work me in immediately on the same day if possible. Dr. Adams and Dr. Zinaman are so easy to work with and do everything possible to make sure my every need is met. Recently I went into a hyperbaric chamber for 40 days and they provided me with wonderful loaner hearing aids as I couldn't wear my lyrics in the oxygen chamber. Everyone in this practice should receive 5 plusses for their extraordinary care and compassion for people who are struggling with hearing losses. Evie will answer the phone and she will work miracles for you to be seen with any complication you might be having. I am grateful to have found Hearing partners and will continue to drive the long distance to have them serve my hearing needs. Julie Considine
Julia Considine
My husband and I both had an excellent experience with Hearing Partners. From day one my husband loved his hearing aids and Dr Zinaman had the sound adjusted perfectly. I on the other hand choose a different style. I tried for 2 weeks to adjust to the sound. But I only heard my own voice. I was very unhappy. Dr. Zinaman suggest that the style I had choosen was not easy to adjust to because it was molded to the ear canal, and blocked out sound. It was like living with a head cold. Dr. Zinaman being so professional and knowledgeable, suggested that I try the style my husband had purchased. So at no extra cost, Dr. Zinaman exchanged the intorable hearing aids to a pair I enjoy wearing and now I forget they are even in my ears. I also want to acknowledge Evie, his assistant. She is so charming, professional and most of all accommodating with scheduling a convenient appointment. If you have a hearing loss, please don't wait like I did, call Hearing Partners and ask Evie for the soonest appointment. You will be so happy. Thank you Dr. Zinaman and Evie we are so grateful.
Felice Vasquez
I am highly satisfied with the professional services I recently received here. The office staff is terrific, taking the time to contact my insurer to verify my coverage and phoning me back as promised to schedule my appointment. The audiology exam performed here was the most thorough I have ever received. I was delighted to learn I presently am not in need of hearing aides. When I come to require hearing aides, I will most certainly return to this professional office without hesitation.
Sandy E.
If you haven't had your hearing checked or have a family member that is struggling with hearing loss of any degree Hearing Partners is the place to go!
Alexandra H.
I highly recommend this practice. My grandfather has not been hearing good for years. I remember him always telling amazing stories of his adventurous childhood and how he was the life of our family functions. But for the past 6 years he's slowly started staying to himself when family was around and i noticed that whenever we spoke, he said "what?, speak louder, huh?". That is no longer the case now. After his very first appointment with Hearing Partners of South Florida, he was a changed man. I was so excited to have my grampy back. It was even more special to have him hear every word when I was at the alter marrying my best friend. He is back to being the life of family functions and I never hear him say "what? or huh?". If you or your loved one is struggling with hearing loss, please get the help you/ they deserve. And I assure you, Hearing Partners of South Florida is the best first and only step you will need to make on you or your love ones journey to getting yours or theirs, life back. Thank you Hearing partners for giving my grandpa a new look on life.
Bethany E.
Evie Silver Caban
Christine Jones