Dr. Shannon very experienced and knowledgeable. She takes time to discuss what will work for me, and ensure that I'll have the best hearing aid for my needs. Their customer service is excellent, and I would certainly recommend them.
everyone there is super nice could not ask for better care
Harry R wing
Years of respectfully professional knowledge, which provides superb hearing ability. Always pleasurable communication which comforts patients ease for speaking facts of health concerns. Personable, Committed, Respectful
Rickie Day
Nice friendly people
mike craig
Wonderful experience great quality of product
Marcia Olson
On time starting my appointment. Technician explained everything to me as she asked additional questions, consulting my questionnaire. After test explained results in a clear and understandable language. Was the most comfortable audio screening I have ever had
Always top quality and fixed right
Delightful Dials
Always friendly, caring, and professional service.
N Karl Evinrude
Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable
Russell Park
Amy and staff have been extremely Professional ,Courteous and I have been a patient for many years! I am extremely thankful and pleased with them and would recommend them to any in need of help with there hearing!
Bob Hanson
Golda met me at the Gig Harbor store and was extraordinary in customer service and care from start to finish! 10 out of 5.!!!
Morhia Mote
Very professional, never had any problems or issues dealing with them.
Mike Lemont
Extremely through and has an excellent staff. Highly encourage other to get an in-depth exam from Kitsap Audiology.
Brian Moller
Very helpful
Terry Madche
Kitsap Audiology is a very knowledgeable business while treating patients with utmost professionalism.
Robert E Shadbolt
I've been using these guys for years and they are awesome. Don't even consider another audiologist. These guys are by far and away the best.
I can only speak the highest regard for Ms Gold who has so carefully tested my hearing and fitted me with my hearing devices. I am so happy to recommend Kitsap Audiology to all my friends.
Sharon Miller
Every step in the process was pleasant professional and personable. I felt like the whole team wanted to help. The office was close to work, the waiting time was only one or two minutes. The office is peaceful and clean. Of course what was most important is that the audiologist was knowledgeable and was using up to date equipment. She empowered me to make the decision to order hearing aids or not. No pressure. I would recommend my audiologist and this office to friends and family.
Danna Powers
It is not often that you go to a doctors office or clinic and are immediately treated like family from the receptionist to the doctor. Kitsap Audiology was the greatest experience I have ever had at a doctors office. I felt accepted the minute I walked in and that I could ask any questions I might have. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain everything I needed to know about my hearing devices. I really appreciated that and their knowledge has changed my life, literally. I hear things now that I have not heard in 20 years. Thank you to all of Kitsap Audiology.... Lon Shelton
Lon Shelton
Excellent experience as always!
Rosemarie Phillips
great treatment after sale.saw dpctor .cleaned hearing aids got an extender and batteries. no cost.thankyou
robert timborski
Finally someone understood my ears pain that I carry for the last ten years. I was really lucky to see Doctor Becken today. I am definitely coming back and recommending my family and friends for any audiology issues. Thank you Doctor Becken for your service.
Tina Tu
Great service very friendly and very caring staff
Jim Oliver
Kitsap Audiology took the time needed to address my questions regarding the hearing test then got my new hearing aids set-up. Compared to other audiology visits/ experiences over the last 12 years this was by far the best experience I have had. I am glad I switched to Kitsap Audiology. Thanks WP
Wade Perrow
Amy Becken is the best! She explains things well, and takes a personal interest in her patients. I asked her how long she plans to stay working, because I don't want to go to anyone else!
Dean Benton
Vary friendly and vary clean i was vary comfortable from the time i arrived till i was finished with my appointment
Terry Smelser
Been a client for over 25 years best Business for this kind of field of work never a problem ever . walked in and out pleased each visit over the years with the service I needed . Would recommend others to check out the business themselves won't be disappointed trust me
Brian Wellborn
Showed up early, was seen within a couple of minutes, without having to wait until my appointment time. Listened to what I needed, and took care of my needs. In and out very timely.
Thomas Neis
There GREAT!!!!
Michael Davis
Great service!
Rodger Rinearson
They are the most wonderful, caring, profession group of people I have met when it comes to customer service! A+ Service
Tony Hernandez
Amazing staff who listened to my concerns and did a thorough job testing my hearing. They took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.
Kim Dean
Staff is very friendly and personable. They strive to provide the best products available.
Rodger Rinearson
Very good experience. Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and professional.
Dennis Ramsey
Very knowledgeable, personable, friendly and very helpful. I definitely recommend them to everyone who needs this service. I'm a happy customer.
Terry Saunders
Efficient, professional, pleasant
Mike Mason
Going to a medical appointment is usually a drag but not here. Ms. Amy and her staff always keep it light and upbeat. Very professional, caring and personal. No matter when I call or stop in with an issue, they'll stop what they're doing and give needed attention happily. I highly recommend these folks.
Always very professional and helpful.
Robert Mika
I was seen on time- everyone was very gracious. The appointment felt unhurried. All my questions answered. Plan on returning to Kitsap Audiology next time I need something addressed.
Kenny Keener
The staff is always helpful and reliable
Ira Fielding
Staff always friendly and ready to help. Dr. Becken always takes the time to make sure everything is adjusted correctly.
Marilyn Roberts
Everyone was so nice, funny, helpful, and took their time with you. Great place. ?
lynn anderson
The provider was so friendly and patient, willing to get to know me and my history. I didn't feel like I was just a number in que. Thank you!!
Melissa Kugler
After frustration with equipment performance, Amy and her staff at Kitsap Audiology appear to have resolved the situation and I am confident I need not be concerned for more problems.
Jon Geisbush
Very professional and personable, I will recommend Kitsap Audiology to friends and family.
Phil Wylie
My first encounter with Golda was a joy, she was kind and empathetic and understood my issues. She also had a listening ear to my concerns and provided me with options. Thank you Golda
M Drouin
Flawless performance by both individuals, who helped take into a new set of hearing aids. They carefully explained and demonstrated with different options available and expeditiously completed the selected set. It was comfortable throughout with courtesy and accuracy. It was truly a 5-star experience.
Roger McClelland
The staff are very friendly and explain the procedures in detail easily to understand.
Willy Marquina
The staff and testing was exceptional and very professional.
Ted Anderson
Staff and Doctors at Kitsap Audiology are just the best. Easy to get appointments, always have all my supplies.
Don Zeth
Very professional.
JerryKim Risher
They are fantastic people. Very helpful and patient
tim george
Amy was explicit and got right to the point. She helped me fully understand what to expect and what I needed to do next.
Robert Evalt
All of their employees are highly trained and helpful. I recommend them.
Marcia Sandstrom
Always a great experience!
Laurie Musick
Care and service is always excellent, and I am always made to feel special. A really special Lady.
Don Hunter
Great team and really helpful-im happy I found them
Donald Sharpe
My visit with Kitsap Audiology was informative, and professional. My appointment was on time. I have been a patient there several years and have always been treated like they care They have my recommendation
john enevoldsen
Dr. Becken and her staff, for more than five years, has consistently provided me with excellent audio care. If you or someone you know are looking for an audiologist, you will not be disappointed with the atmosphere at Kitsap Audiology.
Richard Kroll
Knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
Arthuro Maneja
Every contact was very professional, friendly and done with the knowledge of the needed improvements to my hearing needs. Thanks for being in our community. Denny Richards
Professional highly qualified staff. I couldn't be more happy with my experience.
Clayton Shultz
love comng in to see you , very nice people thanks for taking care of me
Tim Ellis
I have been going to Kitsap Audiology since 2007 and have refered a half dozen people to Amy Becken and her crew. All of us were treated great.she can walk you through the process for government claims if needed. Maybe state claims also.i would recommend them them if you have a hearing issue.so nice to hear good again!
Scot Haskell
I received my new hearing aids with rechargeable batteries and up graded electronics. The evening following, my wife, and I went out to dinner is a very noisy restaurant, and I was able to carry on conversation with my wife, which pleased her no end, and understand what the waiter said. This has been a very positive upgrade in my hearing.
Gerald Woodside
I have always had an enjoyable and prompt experience with the office staff.
Dennis Nelson
I’ve had consistently great experiences at KITSAP Audiology. The audiologists and staff are professional, friendly, and easy to talk to. The equipment used for testing seems technologically up to date and my Oticon hearing aids have features that assist daily life in many ways.
Vicki Chang
Excellent staff, always kind and friendly. I have always had an excellent experience with Kitsap Audiology. They are very knowledgeable about my hearing needs, and I always leave knowing I received the best care anyone could ask for. My new hearing aids are amazing. Thank you very much.
Joe Bell
My husband, Richard, has been a patient of Dr. Amy Becken for about 25 years. She and her office staff have always been professional, knowledgeable and personable. They set the bar high and consistently meet it. Highly recommend them and thank them for all they do.
Kathryn Houchen
Great service! Very professional with attention to detail. Highly recommended for anyone who thinks they may need hearing aids.
Stuart C.
I have been seeing Dr Amy Becken for about 23 years. The office and staff demonstrate the utmost professionalism and care. They take the time to listen and help with all concerns about hearing health. I highly recommend Kitsap Audiology and tell my acquaintances and family members often about the care.
Lee Ison
Excellent service treated like VIP. Amazing for this day and age. Answer all question and fix aids. Would recommend. When I moved here from Alaska wondering if I would find a another good audiologist I did. I shouldn’t say this but I think they are better.
Ron Mizera
Both Amy and Rachael are very experienced and knowledgeable. They take time to discuss what will work for me, and ensure that I'll have the best hearing aid technology for my needs. I would certainly recommend them.
Get knowable people and service!
bob ramirez
Very professional and extremely helpful
Brent Marmon
Very pleasant experience. I got in quickly on a cancellation, met with Elizabeth, the audiology tech. She was super nice, and able to explain my test results in lay terms that I could easily understand. She also was able to describe my hearing deficit as more a loss of clarity than actual sound, which matches my subjective experience. They sent me off with a pair of loaner hearing aids to try for a couple of weeks to see how they work before buying. All in all, a great first experience with Kitsap Audiology.
Vicki Holt
I have had trouble with my hearing aids from another practice for years and haven't been able to get the problems resolved through them. Kitsap Audiology checked my hearing, adjusted my current hearing aids and gave me great suggestions for how to keep my old hearing aids in great shape. I will be a return patient when I need more adjustments or new hearing aids. They are great!
Mary Gallagher
I have nothing but good words to say about Kitsap Audiology and their staff. Whenever I have a question about, or a problem with my hearing aids, they are quick to come up with an answer, or solution. Good people to deal with.
Ken Amo
they truly take care of you there. i have lots of faith in them.
jamie woodrow
Pleasant helpful people.
Bob Ekman
A professional group of people that really care about their patients.
Jerry Horschman
Amy Becken is wonderful. She is thorough and explains everything very well.
Brenda Gingrey
I was able get assistance from Kitsap Audiology with filling out my claim for hearing loss. I have now had several years of great service from Kitsap Audiology. I highly recommend them for any and all hearing needs.
Gary Baker
Excellent care and support! Fought hard to get me on L&I for hearing loss, no more costs at all.
Howard Mackert
You get nothing but the best care and professionalism there. They are very knowledgeable.
Don Korn
Amy took great care of my 92 year old mother! Thanks!!
Jeff Reed
Very relax environment. Staff is very helpful, friendly and accommodating. Good place!
Rayner Cuevas
I was sent to Dr Went for a VA audiology update check. First and Foremost- Amazing-compassionate-kind- confident Doctor that is super Vet friendly and truly asks great leading questions that get to the root. She understands door kicking issues. What side do you shoot, how many hours did you fly …etc. she was asking to better understand and she asked questions that a general provider would never ask. They don’t know. Ask for the exam - very detailed and she ensured I was comfortable and understanding of the process and what the boundaries were in her capacity. I don’t trust Doctors- but she is trustworthy and Vet friendly and understanding. The practice takes Tricare and now I have an audiologist. She is a perfect balance of care and business. I highly recommend anyone needing audiology care to see her. Vets with hearing issues - it’s totally worth the visit. 5 star service! Thank You
John Paul Meier
The staff at Kitsap Audiology are very friendly and helpful. They always go out of their way to make sure I have what I need.
Tim O'Mahony
The experience I had was fantastic. The people there were very informative and answered all the questions I had. They took their time and explained all aspects of my new hearing AIDS. Explained all the features and possible problems I could encounter.
Bill Pink
My appointment went very well. Everything was explained about my new hearing aids from care of them and use. Excellent personnel.
Henry Dula
Excellent staff operates with professionalism, kindness, and knowledge. Because I chose an IEM manufacturer with very unique/specific impressions-requirements, Dr. Went had to redo my impressions after my initial appointment, but she did so expediently and with ease--for no extra cost! I enjoyed working with the KA team from the time I scheduled my appointment to the time I walked away with the final impressions.
Jon Stariha
I have utilized Kitsap Audiology for over a year now and find them to be highly professional, efficient, friendly and gracious in every respect. They even took my case in from the VA as a community outreach so that I would not be required to transport to Seattle or American Lake VA facilities.
Frank A. Tucker
Friendly, courteous, professional; just doesn't get the idea across. They are also paperwork experts, sometimes working miracles in the red tape area, and are very good at providing information on new technology and applying that technology to my benefit.
Larry Matkins
Amy has taken care of my hearing loss for about13 years now. Just went in for a yearly tune-up and resupply and once again was treated like a family member. Friendly, compassionate care. One couldn't ask for better care, thank you for all you do, Wayne
Cathy R.
Best place for filing hearing loss claims. They know the ins and outs with all the paperwork. Staff is awesome.
Jerry Bartlett
My appointments started right on time and I was treated respectfully. I felt confident in the knowledge and understanding of the staff.
Gary Waller
KA was very helpful in assisting me in acquiring a much needed hearing aid for my personal use. They walked me through an industrial industry claim, filled out all the necessary paperwork and explained the forms that I needed to submit. Then all I had to do is wait for a phone call to say that they were ready to fit my new hearing aids. Fantastic!
Robin Abille
They do a great job, friendly, accurate, personable and they listen to you. Loved my appointment. Painless.
Tonya Swan
Great people for your assisted hearing needs
John Johnson
its totally different on how my hearing has changed !!! Alex Grzybinski III
alex grzybinski III
Dr. Amy and the rest of the team are great. they have always taken good care of me. i have been going to them m for the past 10 years.
Randall Vint
They are always helpful with questions and very informative and polite! Great service , testing, and supplies! Thank you all for a great visit and your professional and great customer service!!
William Hanson
Very professional and accommodating. I have had a few issues over the last few years. They have always been able to resolve my issues quickly. You can get replacement items without an appointment.
Allen C
Staff are verify friendly and knowledgeable. It's so nice to be so well taken care of by all of the staff.. Highly recommended.
Jerry Stansberry
Amy Becken is a true professional and always a great pleasure to talk to. She knows audiology well and enjoys her work. They are always willing to help me without an appointment when I have problems with my hearing aids. I would recommend Kitsap Audiology to anyone!!!!
Brian Bushey
Professional, courteous, clean, efficient, and friendly. This is my only experience at an audiology clinic, but it was a very enjoyable time. I hope this is the standard I can expect from other clinics.
Christopher Wynn
I've been going to Amy for over ten years now and I love the character of the place because they make you feel like family! I recommend her to all my friends!
Jerry Vogt
Wonderful staff. Amy always takes the time to listen and is always helpful. Highly recommend Kitsap Audiology
Marilyn Roberts
Friendly and great service.
Charles Beck
Best service with the best staff. Everyone is so professional and friendly. They understand your needs and they will meet or exceed them all. You will never feel rushed. With all of the covid stuff going on everyone in the office all meet and exceed all of the recommendations.
John Davenport
Kitsap audiology was extremely helpful in guiding me to help my father in law get his hearing aids!! Dealing with the government is a daunting experience and they helped with all the paperwork and even helped get him a settlement! The settlement was just the icing on the cake when all I wanted to do was get him into the hearing aids!
I’ve been associated with Kitsap Audiology and Dr. Becken for about 10 years. Her practice and wonderful staff has been nothing short of outstanding. All aspects of my care are taken care of from prompt appointments to supplies and keeping apprised of up to date technology in hearing aids. My latest Oticon OPN’s are fantastic. They have improved my recognition of words dramatically and now my wife doesn’t have to repeat herself every time we talk. I recommend Kitsap Audiology for any hearing issues. Thank you Ms. Becken and staff.
Thomas McKee
Quality care and service, timely turn around on hearing devices
Oliver Jones
The epitome of professionalism very pleased with their caring customer service. Thank you for hiring amazing people!
Randy Henrickson
I usually don't do these,, however,, I've been with Kitsap Audiology for quite a few years. I wear hearing aids, Oticons. Without being bothered and inundated with emails these folks keep me informed when necessary and remind me when its time for my appointment. Dr. Becken is very good at what she does and her staff always has a cup of coffee or cookies for me. The girls are very helpful, cheerful and even entertaining at times. I recommend them if you have hearing issues. I've never felt like i was just another patient.
Doug Mulkey
I love these ladys! Thank you for helping so many people with hearing aids! Your the best! CONGRATS ON 25 YEARS!
Service has always been to shelf! When I first got my hearing aids I was walking along the gravel road to my house when a sound startled me. I jumped into the air as I turned toward the sound... just in time to see a small bird flu away. My footfall had interrupted it's early morning song. That so impressed me I brought flowers to Amy and the rest of the office on the anniversary of my getting hearing aids until I moved.
Roy Hocker
John Bushnell
I have had the pleasure to work with Amy and Rachel professionally for the last 2 years. I find they are knowledgeable, caring and do great work to improve the hearing of their clients. I highly recommend them.
Thank you everyone at Kitsap Audiology. I'm delighted with my new Oticon hearing aids, and always look forward to seeing all your smiling faces . Cheers. Tracy
Tracy Marie Brott
Kitsap Audiology keeps current on Oticon hearing devices. I've been a patient there for 11 years. Dr. Becken is wonderful and so is her staff. She let me know some new devices will be coming out very soon. The number is 360-373-1250 and NO I do not represent them. Been to many clinics and this one is the best. Out of state patients go to them.
Doug Mulkey
Jeannie Waters
Amy Becken
Love Kitsap Audiology! They treat me as part of the family and the staff are too awesome for words. I've been coming here for 4 years now and still get the same wonderful service since the first time I walked through the door. They always keep up to date with the latest and greatest brand out there. In just four little years I can tell a big difference between my first pair of hearing aids to the new pair that I just got.
Krissy Fee
This Business is awesome. They are the most customer oriented hearing clinic I have ever visited. They totally changed me from my insurance based hearing clinic because of their service and attitudes!! Totally Awesome!
Duane A. Barrett