Harbor Hearing is an amazing place to go for your hearing needs. Dr Bullock is so knowledgeable and patience. He makes you feel like he really care about you. I have been wearing hearing aids for many years and after going to Ryan I can hear so much better for the first time. Edel in the front office is wonderful, knowledgeable and sets the tone for a positive office experience. Can稚 go wrong here.
Susan Howe
I wasn’t sure I needed hearing aids but in groups I was not hearing everything I was tested and I needed hearing aids I love love them I can hear TV, conversations Harbor Hearing is the best !!
Judy Moorhead
Ryan was able to fit me with hearing aids that really work great. My search for a solution is finally over...
matt tarnay
I was very pleased with how knowledgeable, professional, and excellent service all around. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of a hearing exam and evaluation.
Enrico Rizzo
Dr Ryan Bullock and Edel Campos are amazing people, and a great part of this community! What they did for my aunt who is visiting from Italy is beyond kind. Edel went beyond what she had to, to help me with information on trying to repair a broken hearing aid that came from Italy Dr Bullock is fantastic and helped my aunt with her hearing and assisted her with hearing aids when hers broke. Dr Bullock’s techniques are beyond approach and my aunt’s hearing is better then before I can’t say enough about harbor hearing and Edel and Dr Bullock. Thank you for everything
Ralph Spinello
Ryan Bullock is most knowledgeable about the technology behind hearing aids. More importantly, he is understanding and cares about improving his patient’s hearing. Ryan listens and wants his patients to have a successful experience with their hearing devices. I would highly recommend visiting his office to family and friends.
Lynn Sviicich
Dr. Ryan and Edel took great care of my hearing needs. The office is very professional. They took time to explain all my options and I couldn’t be happier with the service. I highly recommend Harbor Hearing.
david bentovoja
We moved from Dallas to Rancho Palos Verdes in June of 2021. The wire/speaker for my hearing aid broke. I had no idea who to call. I had heard of the House Center. They had no appointments for a long time (but I needed help now). I looked on the internet. Called a couple of places -- no help. I called Harbor Hearing. Adele answered -- a human voice. Incredible! I told her my problem and she said "we can help you". What a relief. So nice, kind and caring. She got me right in with Ryan. He told me my problem was under warranty. He ordered the part and made the repairs (and did not charge me dime). I am so appreciative of their help . You bet they have my business now -- I was back just this week for a hearing and hearing aid check. A retire physician and now a happy Californian as well.
roy elterman
Highly recommend. My 89 year old grandmother is so happy with her with her hearing aids that were carefully tested and adjusted to her unique needs. On top of that, we are unbelievably impressed with Dr. Bullock. His thoughtfulness and attentiveness to my grandmother really made her comfortable taking this big step. He is genuine and it is clear how knowledgable and adept he is in his field.
Miranda McOsker
Ryan and the staff were so caring and patient with my 86 year old dad. We went in not really thinking anything could be done and after a comprehensive appointment we left with him noticing all sorts of things on the ride home that he could hear that he couldn't hear on the ride up. A real game changer. Thanks Harbor Hearing!
Bruce A
Harbor Hearing is the best for your hearing needs. You will know you have selected a great hearing business as soon as the phone is answered by Edel. She is a true professional. Dr. Ryan Bullock is very knowledgeable. He will administer a complete hearing test, he listens to your needs and gives you accurate information on the different styles of hearing aids. These are my third pair of hearing aides from three different hearing establishments. Ryan is by far the best when it comes to tuning the hearing aids after purchase. This is a very important skill. You can have the best hearing aids in the world but, if they aren’t tuned to take advantage of all they offer, you are not getting what you paid for.
The most caring office and one receives quality care anytime and every time. Adel and Dr Bullock work so closely together and they both are willing to serve their patients.
Susan Moore
Ryan and Edel are awesome! I have been bringing my dad here for a few years, he just turned 96, the extra care they give him is so nice and comforting. The service, attention to detail and bed side manner is amazing. The office is very clean and comfortable. I highly recommend you give them a try.
steve t.
I needed a new audiologist in the San Pedro area and I found the best place! Ryan is experienced and knowledgeable, and diagnosed the discrepancies in my hearing aid programming vs my current hearing quickly. He updated my programs, helped me with my app, cleaned my hearing aides and I left with more hearing confidence than I’ve had in a long time. All as part of a free initial visit!
Julie Bailey
I needed a new audiologist in the San Pedro area and I found the best place! Ryan is experienced, knowledgeable and very nice, and diagnosed the discrepancies in my hearing aid programming vs my current hearing quickly. He updated my programs, helped me with my app, cleaned my hearing aides and I left with more hearing confidence than I've had in a long time. All as part of a free initial visit! I will be back to get my next pair of hearings aids from Ryan. Edel rounds out a great office experience.
Julie B.
In my years of experience, I've found it extremely rare to find exceptional and caring medical professionals. Edel and Dr. Bullock are such an exception. Their attention to service is only exceeded by their professionalism and competency. In dealing with my insurance, they were there every step of the way. The "aids" I received through their efforts are the best I've ever had. I can't recommend Harbor Hearing enough.
Jim Berry
Dr. Bullock was very professional. Extremely impressed with his knowledge and attentiveness to my concerns. Easy to schedule and work with. I highly recommend him.
michael gavola
First of all, Adele doctor Bullock's office manager is absolutely the best. Not only is she professional, she is funny and caring. Doctor Bullock is understanding, professional, and will explain things so you can understand. I live in Corona and drive about 70 miles each way, that's how good they are.
Jay Laskowski
I consulted with Dr. Ryan Bullock after I had gone on a scuba diving trip last year. After the dive trip I was unable to clear my left hear and I was having difficulty hearing. Dr. Bullock performed a very thorough and professional hearing test and examination of my ears. He determined the cause of my problem and rendered excellent care. I have been able to go on subsequent dive trips without any problems, I feel very fortunate to such an excellent clinician right here in San Pedro at attend to my auditory needs. Ryan's office manager Edel is very kind and patient. My entire experience with Harbor Hearing was a very pleasant one
Mike ODonnell
I saw Dr. Bullock for a hearing evaluation for employment. I cannot remember the last time my hearing was actually checked. It was a great experience all around. Dr. Bullock was very professional and took the time to explain everything to me in detail. If you need your hearing evaluated, this is the doc for you.
Brian Kelca
All my life, I've been told that I have a high frequency hearing loss. Like many guys, I just ignored it. Reaching my retirement years, I finally got tired of missing punch lines to jokes, or the last line of a movie, or what the excited young girl said to me who spoke too fast to understand. I got tired of saying, "What?", or even worse, pretending I understood what someone said, when I really didn't. At the same time, I noticed my wife was often asking me to repeat myself to her, yet my friends did not. She was turning the TV up and putting on Closed Captioning more often. Although she swore her hearing was normal, I told her I'd get my hearing tested if she did, too. We went to see Dr. Ryan together (recommended by my neighbor). My high frequency loss was confirmed, which explained my misunderstanding people. Ryan found that my wife was good at high frequencies, but had a significant low frequency loss, which explained why she cranked up the TV, and missed what I was saying. We both got hearing aids, and Ryan chose the rights ones for each of our needs. I'm a techie nerd, and like to control them through my iPhone. My wife doesn't even own a smartphone, and wanted everything automatic. We're both very happy, and I'm now hearing what I've been missing for so long. I never knew there were so many birds around, and music sounds so much richer now that I'm hearing the full frequency range of what is being played. Ryan and Edel are always happy to help. I've been back a few times for fine tuning, where my wife was happy from the start. So, if you're not catching all that's being said, go see Dr. Ryan and get tested. There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything, but you'll know. You just have to do it.
Bill Tymczyszyn
Dr Ryan Bullock is amazing...When I was diagnosed with Meniuers Disease (inflammation of the inner ear) I went to Dr. Bullock to fit me with Hearing Aids. Due to this Disease my hearing continually fluctuates..he has worked with me to make sure my hearing aids work with my problem. Believe me this is no easy feat. He is patient and and see me when ever it is necessary. The front office...Edel is absolutely wonderful and accommodating. You can't go wrong with this Audiologist!!!
Barbara Holdsworth
Dr. Bullock is thorough and experienced. I went to Dr. Bullock for custom earplugs, but I did not know what type of earplugs I needed for my circumstances. Dr. Bullock first examined my ears thoroughly, and then fitted me for the custom earplugs. The fit and design of the earplugs Dr. Bullock selected for me exceeded my expectations. I trust my ears to Dr. Bullock.
theodore frank
Dr. Ryan Bullock has been my audiologist for 7 years now. He helped me choose my first hearing aids. I don't live in California but still see Dr. Bullock as I trust him and feel he always has my best interests at heart. Feels like visiting with old friends each time I'm in the office.
Genie Coppola
Hey all, Dr. Ryan is both a friend and a doctor to me. I went to see the doc and he gave me a baseline on my hearing and did a thorough eval on the ears and my hearing. In the future, I will be back to see Ryan for hearing aids. I know many people that have them and they tell me the same story: when my hearing improves, it impacts my social interactions. Ryan is a top notch doc that impressed with his scientific and medical knowledge and thoroughness. I trust him implicitly. There is not a question I had that he didn't have a good answer for. He knows his stuff. The Bible says, "Be slow to speak and quick to listen." If that isn't the best endorsement ever....Go see him!
Todd Wendorff
Dr. Ryan Bullock has been my audiologist since an allergic reaction to an antibiotic took my perfect hearing away from me overnight several years ago. I was overwhelmed with the sudden change. Dr. Bullock carefully and patiently worked with me to find the perfect hearing aids for me and I have been totally happy in his care ever since. Ryan is patient, he really listens to you and he always comes up with the right solutions to my hearing issues. He is totally professional as well as personal and caring. I have recommended him to every friend with hearing loss and at age 78, there are lots of us. I highly recommend Dr. Bullock. Have your hearing tested. If you need help with hearing, you cannot do better than with Dr. Bullock...... PS: Adele, at the front desk is also terrific. The atmosphere in their office is very pleasant. They make a great team.
JoAnne Sanger
Dr. Bullock is a phenomenal Audiologist and is well known in our profession. He gives all of his patients the best standard care. If you are looking for one of the best Audiologist and someone you trust and I would highly recommend Dr. Bullock & Harbor Hearing for your hearing needs.
Bill Miller
Ryan takes a professional and personal approach with his patients. He has helped educate me and proactively take care of my hearing. Highly recommend him as your local Audiologist. He is also a really fast swimmer and lifeguard down at the beach!
John Paul MacDonell
I love Harbor Hearing! From the very start they were very nice and easy to work with. Dr. Bullock is very educational and thorough; providing exceptional and ethical care. When it comes to hearing, you need someone you trust and I would highly recommend Harbor Hearing for your hearing needs.
Rachel Burnett
Went for a hearing check and learned that I have some normal(for my age) hi frequent loss but nothing that required any device(yet!). Plan to check regularly as I learned if you ignore it, that part of the brain will no longer respond to hearing signals and is permanent. Hearing is more complex than I thought and loss is specific to each individual. Ryan is very knowledgeable and thorough.
David Lindstedt
After being exposed to loud noises at work, I contacted Harbor Hearing to get checked for any hearing loss. Dr. Bullock was really great with his assessment. He explained everything he was doing and broke everything down for me with multiple scenarios and options for future preventative measures. The front office staff was super friendly and very accommodating with scheduling and rescheduling my appt.(because of my hectic schedule) I would highly recommend this office to others and have already done so.
Jeff Hart
Every time that I have visited Dr. Bullock's office, I have been treated like family. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions and gave me a clear plan of what needed to be done and why. Cannot recommend Harbor Hearing enough!
Justin Carlson
My ear has been ringing for a long time. Tinnitus. Dr Ryan tested my hearing and found out that the note I am experiencing is also a sound my brain doesn’t register. So there’s a nerve cell that is out of wack. Dr Ryan Bullock is a truly gifted professional who is a master at diagnosis and treatment of auditory problems. I send my own patients to Harbor Hearing because I trust he will do the best for them. Thank you Doctor Ryan Bullock!! Duncan McBride, MD
duncan mcbride
A wonderful experience. Dr. Bullock was friendly, professional and informative. I Left his office with confidence and felt all of my questions were answered by an experienced, proficient hearing specialist. I highly recommend him.
Mel Solberg
Dr Ryan tested my hearing after I was worried about hearing loss. Luckily, I didn’t need hearing aids. Dr Ryan is smart, professional, prompt, with an excellent and relaxed bedside manner and did a great job explaining the tests and my results. He didn’t upsell or try to pressure me. Quite the opposite. He put me at ease that my hearing was in the normal range and that I didn’t need to worry. I trust Dr Ryan completely. He is the only audiologist that I will use going forward. I definitely recommend him for all your audiology needs. Dr Ryan is also the Pier to Pier open water champion swimmer and a LA County lifeguard.
David Bartholomew
Dr. Ryan has seen me and quite a few of my family members. He's always courteous, thorough, and makes sure all of your hearing needs are taken care of. All of my family members and I have nothing but good things to say about him and his practice. Highly recommend his services.
Vincent Fiamengo
If I could give Harbor Hearing six stars I would. I met Ryan at my previous audiologist's office. They were good. But I noticed that when they had trouble figuring something out, they asked him. So, I transferred to him. When he opened his own practice, I followed him there. I am still very satisfied. He takes the time to make sure my hearing is as good as it can be. He never seems to be in a hurry. Very nice person. Edel in the front is a sweetheart.
Bill Webster
Everything about Harbor Hearing is AWESOME! Felt like family right when I walked in and was greeted by the front desk staff. Have had hearing tests my entire life and this was the first time the doctor actually took the time to explain what was going on in my ears. I highly recommend Harbor Hearing.
I normally do not write reviews or make recommendations for anything or anybody but I'm making an exception in the case of Dr. Ryan Bullock. I cannot say enough about how he has made my life much more rewarding by properly fitting me with my 2 new hearing aids. I've worn a hearing aid only in my right ear for most of my 78 years (I have been hearing impaired with nerve deafness since birth) and needless to say I have been to many different audiologists during my lifetime and thanks to a friend of mine, who referred me to Dr. Ryan Bullock I was extremely impressed. When Dr. Ryan asked me why I wore only one hearing aid, I told him that I was used to it and that I didn't see a need for it. He suggested I try having an aid in both ears that it would increase my ability to hear and understand 3 times over. He emphasized that I can try it without any obligation to buy 2 hearing aids. I agreed to try it and have been extremely happy with them. I'm sorry I didn't have an aid for both ears years ago. Dr. Ryan is a caring audiologist that made sure I was comfortable with my instruments (I always called them my mechanical ears). I've had to go back to him several times for minor adjustments. Edele, Dr. Bullock's receptionist is always cheerful. Thank you, Dr. Ryan Bullock!
Char Pav
Iam a new patient and I have never felt more welcome, friendly staff, everyone here is so nice, awesome experience. will defintely refer family and friends
Carlos Arreguin
My mother in-law lives in Sweden (great, free health care, right?) and has not been able to hear correctly from one ear for 20 plus years. In one visit with Dr. Bullock he figured out the problem and fixed her hearing..without trying to sell her hearing aids. He's as honest and good as they come! Our family will never go anywhere else.
Charlie R.
I first met Ryan Bullock shortly after he moved to the South Bay and began his career in Torrance. After working with others at this clinic, I found Ryan’s bedside manner a welcome change. Hearing loss is not something a lot of people have the courage to admit or seek help for. Ryan makes it easy to talk about, thoroughly explains exam results, and proposes a solution that matches your hearing profile and your financial budget. He knows the available products and understands the pros and cons of each. I followed Ryan to San Pedro when he opened his own practice. This office is in a perfect location to serve the South Bay, San Pedro, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The customer intimacy it offers is rare in today’s healthcare industry. I highly recommend Ryan Bullock for your hearing care.
Mark Tiffany
I have been a patient of Dr. Bullock for over 5 years, starting when he was a member of the staff at one of the big hearing clinics. Recently, when I was in the market for an upgraded pair of digital hearing aids I was told that he had left that practice. With a little research I found that he had opened his own practice: Harbor Hearing in San Pedro. He not only fitted me with the latest digital hearing aids, but also carefully programmed the devices to match my hearing profile. This programming is just as important as selecting the right hardware and Dr. Bullock excels at that and is a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with the result and I highly recommend Dr. Bullock at Harbor Hearing.
Edward Imhoff
Just wanted to recommend a new audiologist, Ryan Bullock of Harbor Hearing. I don't write reviews often, but this visit stood out. I had some Tinus and went in to have my hearing checked. He was very efficient, but thorough. He helped with my issues and gave me a path forward on how to protect my hearing. Excellent service.
Greg Heyes
After seeing a couple of other audiologists in the area, I took my father to Dr. Bullock for an evaluation. Dr. Ryan's personal touch and attention to detail was all it took to get my father to finally lean in and make the leap to get a set of hearing aides. Today, he is much happier and I have to say so are we. Did not realize how much he was missing. Dealing with an older generation is not easy, but Dr. Bullock has a passion for what he does and is wonderfully patient with difficult folks like my Dad.
Chuck P.