Had a great experience @ CBH from ease of appt, to insurance help to hearing aid fittings & adjustments. Staff there really cared about my concerns & were super pleasant to work with. This was a big step for me & they made it pretty easy to get back to hearing things again ??
Paul Dami
Great services
Jalil Ahmad Jamily
They have always done a great job. The staff and the audiologists take time to understand your needs and come up with appropriate recommendations. I have great regard for what they do.
Girish Chokshi
CFBH always accommodating. When in need of assistance with hearing aids, appointment scheduled immediately and issues addressed and corrected by Audiologists. Office Staff very responsive and helpful as well.
Richard Turelli
I was very impressed how thorough Dr. Proulx was. My hearing aids have greatly helped around people who are very soft spoken.
JimBo Joe
What I like about this office is that I never feel hurried, stressed. It is easy to set up appointments, they are on time so you don't have to wait long. I have know this practice for years and would recommend them to anyone.
Lilly Monster
Excellent attention to solving problem with my hearing aids. Quick appointment, on time, pleasant competent assistance.
Susan Nathiel
Nice place nice staff clean environment fast service I am very happy with my hearing aids now i can hear better ???
Sharlyn Morales
Professional and timely care in a caring and friendly environment
Carl Igelbrink
After trying inexpensive hearing aids which lasted a few months only, I realized I needed audiologists' help. CFBH has what I needed;. kind and efficient experts who answer my questions,make proper adjustments, and are available for help. I can hear now and am confident the audiologists will help if I have any hearing problems.
Adrienne Lovell
Top quality and thoughtful care for better hearing. The audiologists are wonderful and the office staff very helpful. Definitely my go-to place!
I've been working with them for years and they have done a great job of making hearing aids workable and enjoyable. Megan is terrific.
William Boylin
Thorough, helpful, and so knowledgeable. Dr. Proulx is the absolute best.
Scott Aalgaard
The Doctor took care of my 95 year old Mom, she can hear great with the new Hearing Aids! What a difference.
Tony Brodeur
From the beginning the professional and warm reception of the staff was totally appreciated. The testing and follow up assessments were encouraging and informative. Dr. Proulx was so helpful in making tough decisions seem enjoyable and productive. I am totally satisfied with my experience there and will continue to avail of their services.
4right ron
They are very pleasant to work with. They also have repair parts that no one else has.
John Bailey
The doctors in this office are great. They call back when you leave a message, are available for any of my needs. They are flexible and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is needs to have their hearing assessed.
Lu Dijo
I received prompt, courteous, and professional service.
Roger Brewer
The audiologist struck me as very competent , patient detailed and helpful. The offices were spotless and the staff very helpful. The equipment was up to date. Very happy with the experience
Andre Margittai
First timer. Great experience. The staff broke down my hearing test results into easily understood layman's terms. Highly recommended.
George Appleby
The audiologist was great! She was informative yet compassionate and very professional. Great experience overall!
Angelique Pryor