Larry has been great about explaining everything, making adjustments, answering questions.
April Miller
I can’t say enough great things about Mandi and lLarry.
Julie Cummings
Thanks, Samuel!
Samuel Lauman
My wife and I, and one of our daughters have been clients of Mandi and Larry for several years. We have consistently been pleased with their professionalism, and how much they care for their customers. We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of audiology services or hearing aids.
Bryan Bennett
It's such a pleasure when you find people who put all their heart and soul into their work and thoroughly love what they do. This is exactly what you will find in Mandi & Larry. Always a pleasure to see, always the extra mile, and very informative newsletters!
Eugenie Schlittgen
Mandi and Larry are the BEST at what they do. They are so capable and talented and have been instrumental as I've (sometimes reluctantly) navigated my age related hearing loss. Even though so far I see them only once or twice a year, they welcome me as a patient and I feel like a friend. The technology options they offer are state of the art. Since my hearing declined during COVID, I was the last to notice (thought it was just muffled sound because of masks) and the adjustment to actual hearing loss was a little daunting. I thank both Mandi and Larry for the thorough job of testing, the time they spent with me to clearly explain the results and their help in selecting the right hearing aids. The business transactions are simple and seamless. They offer so many lovely, extra touches (newsletter, patient events, sports and music fun facts and stories) that I can't imagine being under the care of anyone but this team for my hearing care and concerns.
Deb C.
Every experience I have had with hearing aid professionals was high pressure and not very pleasant. With Mandi and Larry I truly feel I am in the hands of friends. They could not be more caring or gentle and I feel like they really care to make sure everything is working as it should. I could not be happier with my hearing aids and the great and friendly service they provide.
Helen P.
Mandi is so personable as well as being professional and skilled in her services. I was a bit nervous about getting my first hearing aids, but she put me at ease. I highly recommend the services offered by Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Center. Don't wait--schedule a time to check them out.
George Naas
Nice and kind
Blue The '99
I went with my mom Janet K. To this location and very impressed with the adjustments and parts Larry had for her hearing aid. Left super happy and hearing well!!
Kristin Gentry
Mandi was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the hearing aid equipment. She assisted my aging parents and explained everything in such a way for them to understand. Thank You Mandi!
Christine Sheesley
Always has the newest models with convenient features.
Brad West
Very caring team of professionals.
Donald Ferega
I was born hard of hearing, so I have been to many audiologists in my life. Mandi and Larry Solat are the best of the best!! The customer service, the relationship building and their audiology knowledge it's outstanding. Customer service is beyond a 5 star review. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of hearing aids, an audiology test or tinnitus evaluation. I promise you will not be disappointed. They truly care about hearing health for all and they will go above and beyond to make "hearing life" better better for you.
Peggy Spinner
Mandi and Larry are amazing! If you want to get the best in audiological services, this is the place. Other places I tried charged more, and had a really impersonal attitude. Mandi and Larry both spend the extra time to make sure your hearing is as good as it can be. My life is so much better with hearing aids, and they really helped me work through all of the options to get a great result.
Chris B.
You won’t find better service anywhere else! This family owned and operated clinic is comprised of two people who truly care about your health. Mandi & Larry always find a way to make you feel like family when you walk through their door!
Tyler Hanson
I have been a customer for many years and have always felt the professional service outstanding. I have referred several of my friends to Mandy and Larry and they have also become pleased customers.
Gary Dickinson
Mandi and Larry are both very helpful and treated me amazing. Went in for a basic hearing test. Very affordable and made my experience enjoyable.
Jeremy Solat
Thank you for the 5-stars, Chris! Hope to see you next summer! :) Mandi
Christopher Porier
Our family has been with this office for 15-20 years. We have received excellent care and service on multiple hearing aid purchases. Because Mandi, herself, has a hearing loss she is able to understand our situations and provide the best hearing aid for our circumstances. We highly recommend this practice.
don lesovsky
Went in for a hearing test. They were very nice and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Casey Winn
I have been patients with Mandi and Larry for many years. After working with many other audiologists I was pleasantly surprised at how caring and knowledgeable they both are! I've had several hearing aids over the years from Larry. He has always directed me to just the right set. He is very fair and offers so many routes of hearing aid. I'm so thankful to have them on my loss of hearing journey! They have better service than anyone else I've seen. I moved about a year ago and will continue to drive the extra distance for his services!!
brigitte lakey
This place is the best!! They are so helpful and caring! I highly highly recommend!
Tara Mcnutt
Got a hearing test done. Very kind and knowledgeable people.
Maddie Flack
Competent, friendly caring staff. Would recommend. If concerned about hearing, would suggest contacting them.
Homer T.
hearing loss can be a daunting experience. But with hearing aids and Mandi's support I have been able to adapt and at the same time teach others about what I need. This can be a very isolating time but Mandi is always there for me. Countless times she has adjusted my hearing aids with the patience of a saint. It took a long time but we finally got the silly aids to work the way I need them. I won't say hearing aids are perfect, they are adequate. And that's about as good as you're going to get with today's technology. But Mandi is always positive and telling me about the latest innovations. I would never go anywhere else. She's a good human being as well as being very smart.
Susan W.
Carl! Thank you so much for the five stars!! It means a lot to us!
Carl Fessenden
This office is beautiful and Dr. Mandi Solat is wonderful to work with. She is truly one of the most caring audiologist I have ever been too. I am young with a hearing loss in my right ear, I did not want to seek help but I don’t regret it at all. Highly recommend!
Ethan Solat
This year I have had to get hearing aids and these guys have been great to work with. They let me try a few brands out before I purchased the ones I have now. When i need adjustments l, I just pick up the phone and they get me in right away. Very flexible scheduling and they are very easy to work with.
Chad Lucks
Larry and Mandi were great. Saw me on short notice and were SO patient while I sorted out my other medical issues to make sure they weren't contributing to my hearing loss.
Erin C.
I'm responding to the reviewer who stated that Larry and Mandi tried to sell them something expensive that wasn't needed and said that the "new place" they went spent 4 hours doing "comprehensive" testing. I am an audiologist in another state and happened to come across this review. It makes no sense to me. There are very few types of tests that could ever take a competent provider 4 hours to administer and even then, that would only be because the patient is mentally-challenged in some way. It also puzzles me as to why you would come here to write a disparaging review that doesn't even ring true, unless you were being encouraged by a competitor to do so. The only types of non-bogus tests that an audiologist would ever perform that could possibly take 4 hours have nothing to do with hearing aids.
Awesome business, they worked with me to get me the right hearing aid, very knowledgeable no pressure, great after purchase support. I recommend them to everyone.
Joseph Francis
Wonderful experience at Audiology Services! Dr. Mandi was fun to work with and quick to pick up that I was getting pretty good at lip reading - I was so busted - LOL! It's exhausting to live with hearing loss - being always on edge and reading lips is hard work especially when people turn away while talking. So much is missed in a conversation. With these hearing aids I feel 'engaged' with life again. Larry is very knowledgeable and great to work with! Patience must be his middle name :-). I love the hearing aids! I don't ever want to go back to the life without my hearing aids. Fantastic product! I would have NEVER even come close to knowing how good these hearing aids are. If you're looking for someone to help you, or give you a test to see 'where you're at' with your hearing, or looking for hearing aids - please visit with Dr. Mandi and Larry. They are great, fun people with a lot of experience - personally and professionally! Thank you Dr. Mandi and Larry - from me and my family!
Lilly Tink
This practice is hands-down the best in the business in my opinion. My 100 year old mother has been fitted with hearing aids and for the first time in five years I can actually carry on a conversation with her. Larry and Mandi are not only experts in audiology services, they are frankly among the nicest and most compassionate people I have ever met in my life. The time and attention they have given my Mom is unprecedented in my experience. They are truly wonderful human beings, and they are the first people who actually made a significant difference in my Mom's ability to hear. I am so pleased with this service I can't even begin to express enough thanks for their care and concern about my Mom. I trust them 100 percent. They are the real deal. I am a retired Judge from Jefferson County, and I think I'm pretty good at reading people. I give them the highest rating without qualification. They are delightful!!
Leland A.
A wonderful experience! My husband and I had hearing tests done by Dr. Mandi Solat. She was knowledgeable and thorough with both our exams. She answered all of our questions and concerns. My husband needed hearing aids and she walked him thru every step of the way. We would highly recommend this practice to everyone!!! AND KUDOS for the time provided since we had so many questions!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Stacey Shiffman
I've gotten nothing but the best treatment from Larry and Mandi. I've seen Larry mostly, and he's worked me in whenever I needed, even last minute, and has always given me top notch care. And this really takes the cake: Mandi saw me on a weekend day, out of office hours, at a local Starbucks, to adjust my hearing aid prior to an important business trip that I had coming up (there was no time before my trip for me to get into the office, and she made time for me during her time off). If that isn't "above and beyond," I don't know what is! This place, and these two folks, are tops in my book! You can't go wrong here.
Tom M.
I found these guys by chance through Zip Hearing and I am so lucky to have such a great team helping me with my hearing loss. I had a horrible experience prior to coming to Mandi and Larry. As soon as I started talking to Mandi I knew why she was so good at her job. It's so much better to work with someone that knows your struggles first hand than someone who doesn't. She also breaks down the process for your very well. I was told I could take out multiple pairs of hearing aids at no charge to figure out which ones were right for me. I have had hearing aids for a little while now and have met with Larry often. Mandi and Larry are both very easy to talk to, knowledgeable about the most current products out there, and work around your schedule. You have multiple consultations with your hearing aid provider to make sure you have the right fit and the right amplification so this is important. I would recommend them to anyone!
Lauren B.
I LOVE Mandi and Larry!! I saw a different audi prior to seeing them and they created a completely new world for me! My first pair of demo AIDS just wasn't programmed right and I couldn't get used to them, but Mandi got the program right for my hearing loss on the first visit and I'm actually excited about them now! They make working with insurance easy, getting the right hearing aids easy, and they are just fun, interesting people to talk to. I recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone. They are just awesome.
Erica P.