This wonderful story is a bit long, I’ll try to keep it under control. Just before Thanksgiving I lost my left hearing aid and expected to have hearing problems throughout the holidays. But Theresa Cullen of Cape Cod Hearing supplied me with a loaner which I used for a nearly a month. Thanks to her I had no difficulties over the holidays. Then it came time to replace the lost hearing aid. Unfortunately, the one I lost is no longer manufactured. Theresa spent nearly two hours with me talking about options and learning more about my needs so that she could advise me as to what would be best for me. She ordered replacement hearing aids and scheduled a combined hearing test and fitting session. Fortunately, she had a set of appropriate hearing aids, suitable for fitting, as the ordered ones did not arrive. Yes, the winter storm created havoc. The combination of a hearing test and fine-tuning the new hearing aids to my particular needs took over an hour, time well worth spending. I went home with a new appreciation of enhanced hearing technology, as my hearing was remarkably better than it had ever been before. The next day I went back for additional fine-tuning. Theresa was thoughtful enough to spend well over an hour with me, ensuring that the hearing aids were perfectly fitted, adjusted to my now better understood needs and that I fully understood their features and how do use them. This magnificent, high-quality service and attention to patient needs is truly wonderful and remarkable in today’s marketplace. Theresa Cullen not only has my thanks, but also my admiration. To my mind, she sets the benchmark for business quality.
Edward Weissberger
These folks are the best! No upselling, just the right solution. No rushing through appointments, just making sure it’s right. I highly recommend. Great people, great service, great care.
Pat Reed
Matilde Parra
Just got new hearing aids and Melanie set up a bunch of appointments to make sure the aids are right for me. Everyone there is so helpful and upbeat.
Robert T Jones
Once again you exceeded my fondest dreams for quality service. My right hearing aid had become weak and so I brought it to you at 8:30 this morning. Deirdre immediately offered to change the receiver as a first step in solving the problem. In fact fact her diagnosis was right on target and her repair was also right on target. Thoughtful, fast, correct. The whole repair process took no more than five minutes; I had expected to have to leave the hearing aid. It doesn't get any better than this.
Ted Weissberger
Everyone at Cape Cod hearing is wonderful and very professional. I can’t imagine a better audiologist than Theresa or a better, more helpful receptionist than Pam. I am so well taken care of every time I go there.
Dick Morrill
Everyone at Cape Cod Hearing is wonderful. Theresa Cullen is the best audiologist ever.
Carol DiAnna
Theresa Cullen is the most outstanding audiologist. She is lovely to work with, has the most updated technology and fine tunes the technology to your specific hearing needs. She has changed my life
Cindy Porter
Lynn Pearl