I have been a client of Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia since 1998. I have the highest regard for the doctors and staff there. They are caring, helpful and thoroughly up to date on everything that has to to do with hearing health and technology. They make their clients feel like family and make every effort to enhance their lives. I heartily recommend them!
Kathleen Luisa
I've been a patient of Dr. Gina Cravato at HANV for 10 years and feel grateful to have her as my audiologist. She is easy to talk to, patient and always responsive to my concerns. I've referred several friends to her and they say the same thing. What I most appreciate about Dr. Cravato is her support and guidance when, after 9 years of success with my hearing aids, the hearing in my left ear very quickly deteriorated to the point where amplification just wasn't enough. Dr. Cravato told me I was a candidate for a cochlear implant. I was nervous about this at first, but based on my trust in her judgment, I decided to take the plunge and go for the surgery. That was four months ago and now, three months after being "activated", I couldn't be more pleased. It's been quite a journey - and I'm still adjusting - but Dr. Cravao has been there to help me every step of the way.
Terri Ruhter
Hearing Associates and Dr Gina Crovato solved a difficult problem with my hearing aids which I did not purchase from them. Dr Crovato was persistent, professional and very friendly. She could have easily said that it was not her problem. She solved the issue. Dr Crovato was a delight to work with and Hearing Associates will be my go to provider for all my hearing needs in the future. They are the best!!!
Thomas Eckert
Hearing Associates and Dr Gina Crovato solved a difficult problem with my hearing aids which I did not purchase from them. Dr Crovato was persistent, professional and very friendly. She could have easily said that it was not her problem. She solved the issue. Dr Crovato was a delight to work with and Hearing Associates will be my go to provider for all my hearing needs in the future. They are the best!!!
Thomas Eckert
No waiting for cleaning, information given about what was done to my hearing aids. Courteous, professional staff! Appreciated the service.
Carrie Pierce
The visit was very professional and efficient.
Sylvia Benoit
Professional cleaning
Norma Flick
Pleasant and professional staff -- handled the cleaning of my hearing aids quickly
lynda magire
Came in for the spring cleaning - since she is 103 years old, they met her at the back door, making getting into the office easier. Not only did they clean the hearing aids, but they also checked her ears for excess wax build up. We are always happy to not only be served, but also to chat with friendly faces. Thanks everyone!
Mark Fredenburg
I cannot say enough things about how wonderfully professional, thorough and patient Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia is. Dr. Crovato worked to ensure my teenage son received the upmost care and was so personable doing so. I highly recommend this practice!
Shannon Spicer
5+ Stars. Great experience with Dr. Yunes. Called when my dog chewed up my hearing aid. Called and spoke with Kate. She got me in right away. Fantastic service.
Eric U
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Claudia Collins
Dr. Kelsey Trinka, Au.D. is an excellent provider for my COCHLEAR Implants. Recently I upgraded to the KANSO2 which needed to be activated and had to find a provider nearby because I was driving an hour away to Baltimore and I live in Alexandria. McLean is 30 minutes. So far I've had two visits with Dr. Trinka and I already know she is looking for my best interest hearing-wise. On my first visit Dr. Gina M. Crovato, Au.D. sat in during my activation session. She is another excellent COCHLEAR provider.
Maria Muniz
I have nothing but great things to say about this group! Dr. Melissa A. Yunes wastes no time during a visit and is extremely focused, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She has taken great care of my 90 year old mother who can now hear us once again! The receptionist is exceptionally organized and helpful with every interaction.
Matthew Anderson
I recently saw Dr. Crovato for a potential ear wax issue. She is a highly trained professional and a genuinely nice person. I highly recommend that you give their office a call if you are having any issues with your ears.
Brian B.
I've been very pleased with the services I've received from Dr. Gina Crovato with Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia. I've been a patient of hers for the past 4 years, after moving to this area from Connecticut. I already had hearing aides when I first saw her. She did not push me to get new aides, as I was doing reasonably well, but simply took care of problems with my aides as they developed. I appreciated that. When, after a couple of years the aides began wearing out, she did suggest new aides that would best suit my needs, and I have been very happy with these. I have found her friendly, personable, and easy to talk with. Likewise for her front office staff. On the few occasions when she was not available I've seen one of the other doctors in the practice and have likewise been pleased with their services. If you are looking for an audiologist, I can highly recommend Dr. Crovato.
Daniel Belin
I don't write many reviews and I certainly don't write many positive reviews...but this place merits a very positive review. Dr Yunes is very experienced, patient, thorough and confidence building. The office is easy to find and warm. The staff is very professional. I have been there 3 times and, (this is big), I was seen on time each of the three times. Dr Yunes laid out the options with clarity and explained things to me in an appropriate level of detail. She seemed fully invested in my hearing success
Ernie Lederer
Dr. Yunes is a superb professional, caring, patient, kind and whip smart. I have significant hearing loss and all the problems that go with that. Without Dr. Yunes terrific care and counsel, I wouldn’t be able to work in my profession or live a full life. If you have hearing loss you are missing out of life. Make an appointment tomorrow, you won’t regret it snd will likely wish you had done so long ago.
David Crow
Two and 1/2 years ago, I discovered that I was having some hearing issues. I went online to look for a hearing doctor. I found Northern Associates of Northern Virgina and decided to give them a try. It turned out to be such a great decision. I went in and saw Dr. Kelsy Trinka who completed the examination along with a hearing test. After the test, Dr. Trinka discovered and determine the level of my hearing loss/condition. She provided a few choices of hearing aids which I chose one of them. She ordered them and programmed them to my specific hearing condition. It has made a huge difference in my life ever since. I have returned once a year to re-test and to update the programming of the hearing devices. I have to say that this has been life-changing decision for me. It has made a tremendous difference in my hearing ability, thus making me much more effective at work as well as enjoying my social life. Thank you so much to Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia and more importantly, thank you so much to Dr. Trinka! Best Regards....tony,
Tony Nguyen
Great experience! Dr Yunes was very helpful and worked with me to find cost-effective audio equipment that worked with my wife’s hearing aids. She can now hear the TV clearly while I’m listening through the speakers. No more closed captions!
Jordan Tessaro
I sent my step-dad to this office and it was very welcoming! The practice did such a good job caring for him. They definitely maintained high quality and professional care to him and to our family. Thank you.
Joannah Justice
Extremely caring and responsive to the needs of the patient. Have always been quick to respond to questions and concerns that I’ve had. They’re the best.
Michael Hoffman
I can attest to the professionalism and attentive treatment options for those with hearing loss especially at the Greenspring community of seniors. Dr. Crovato is welcomed here as a friend and helper. She keeps communication alive among so many residents who would drop out of activities were it not for her caring about their hearing and finding a solution.
I've had 3 family members tentative to get hearing checked go to Dr. Yunes and came out of their appointments extremely happy with her explanation of the process and assessment. Two of them were prescribed hearing aids as well which they are very happy with. My whole family is thankful they went to this practice:).
Jessica Cole
Up to a few years ago my husband was resistant to wear hearing aides but realized he needed help hearing & engaging in social settings especially when getting together with others, at the theatre, or while traveling. Dr. Melissa Yunes evaluated his hearing & made recommendations. She was patient, thorough, & very knowledgeable. We saw her again recently where she explained the benefits of the newer technology. He is very excited & these are easy to use.
Carol Friedman
Very helpful staff. Cares about your needs. You can get in contact with them easily. Such a great experience! They are all very intelligent. I have a lot of other doctors that are just so hard to contact but not here! I recommend Hearing Associations of Northern Virginia, Doctors of Audiology to all my friends and family. Would not go anywhere else!!!
The audiologists & staff were friendly. They excepted our insurance. the out of pocket expenses was minimal. I would highly recommend northern audiology
Carol Lindner
This group has been wonderful in helping me with figuring out my needs with hearing aids and earmolds and referring me to other excellent care providers for ENT issues. They have been very supportive and are truly invested in improving the quality of life for their patients.
Heather Kimmel
For quite a while, I had been debating w myself over whether to have my hearing checked (because, ya know, old) and finally pulled the trigger in early 2020. I figured that as I approached 60 (#okboomer) and after countless concerts and countless hours playing music live (yes, still), it was a good idea to get some kind of baseline. By an actual professional. (i.e., not just rely on the fact that I can't hear the rest of my mumbling family {grin}) Good news: my family actually WERE MUMBLING! Joking aside tho, I got a great report and relative to my age, apparently I'm in pretty solid shape. So not only can I lord it over my family that I am NOT going deaf, but I have a sense of where I stand in the bigger picture, what to be on the lookout for, and what/when to do next. All of this was due to the fantastic experience I had at Hearing Assoc of NoVa with Dr. Kelsey Trinka. Kelsey explained everything fully, made me feel very confident in her presentation of what she would do during the tests and the same with her explanation of my results, and had a great bed-side, ummm, soundproof booth-side manner. If you have been thinking about getting a check-up, do yourself a favor and do it. So worth the time and investment. (Bonus: it was completely covered by my plan.)
Mark Polla
Great customer service!!!
Rhett Dawson
The entire experience was seamless, personable, professional and comfortable. Dr. G was thorough in her testing and explanation of what she could see. While no one to hear it, it's positive to have confirmation of whether there's an issue or not. Not to mention I now have a doctor's affirmation to say that I actually didn't hear what someone said instead of having the people thinking I'm ignoring them, esp the misses. If you are having any concern with your hearing, I would highly recommend you seek out HANV and especially Dr. Gina Crovato for a personal and professional consultation (that's not to say the other doctors aren't as good, she's just the one I saw. I'm sure they are all exceptional!!). 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and 2 ears open (partially hearing ;) )!
Gary Shivers
Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia is an amazing practice: the kindest people and most competent & complete audiology practice that I have visited in 5 years of taking my now 89-year old mother for hearing tests in Pennsylvania, Florida and Maryland. On my first visit, I had stopped to pick up rechargeable hearing aid batteries after my Mom moved to Baltimore. The receptionist recognized that my Mom should not need repacement batteries so soon, and called on Dr. Crovato to consult with me. Dr. Crovato advised me to bring the hearing aids in to replace faulty battery doors; I did that & the problem of battery draining was resolved. I also brougt my Mom to see Dr. Kelsey Trinka, who was helpful beyond words in resolving some conflicting information in the hearing aid warranty, and found that the repair warranty extended 6 months longer than we thought. She updated the software on more than one occasion and made adjustments to ensure that my mother could hear as well as possible. She was very kind & patient with my Mom, which I really appreciated. What I have learned from dealing with my Mom's hearing issues & hearing aids is that anyone can sell you a pair of hearing aids; however, not everyone has the training and interest to make sure that they are programmed correctly at the outset, and then ensures support for adjustments as one gets used to the hearing aids. Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia treated any issues with a sense of urgency that we did not experience with some other audiology practices. They also have supplies on hand at fair prices. I live in Arlington and would highly recommend this practice to anyone living in the greater metropolitan area. A special thanks goes to Dr. Trinka for all of her help.
Dr. Crovato is amazing, and has come up with a creative solution to my hearing problem. I am thrilled with the outcome.
Jean Yates
Excellent, personal, expert service.
Gene Nicholson
Hearing Associates of No. VA is a very professional yet welcoming practice. Dr. Yunes has worked with me to improve my day-to-day activities.
Mary B
It is with the highest confidence and greatest pleasure that I recommend Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia to anyone in the area looking for a trustworthy, qualified expert to test their hearing and help them find appropriate solutions. Dr. Crovato and Dr. Yunes are respectful, patient and truly understand the challenges of being hearing impaired. They are knowledgeable about the technology available as well as the latest research in hearing loss. Both doctors have helped me sort through features and benefits to determine the best hearing solutions to meet my needs. Dr. Crovato has been my audiologist and that of my 93-year-old mother since 2012. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the care, kindness and respect she has shown my mom. Dr. Crovato has been an invaluable resource for both of us. Her humor and patience have made our visits a pleasure, and her integrity gives us confidence in our choices.
L. L.
Great experience! Dr. Crovato made custom ear plugs for each of my three children to help protect their hearing at loud concerts/events. They were able to chose personalized colors and since they are so well designed, the kids can put them in and take them out by themselves. Dr. Crovato was amazing interacting with the kids and they absolutely love their new ear plugs for all the summer concerts we attend! They even ask to wear them when they don't have to. Highly recommend Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia!!
Jami Fano
My oldest was terrified of going to the doctor for her ears but Dr. Gina put her at such ease! She did great! We also had custom ear plugs made for both of our kids and they work wonderful! Highly recommend this practice!
Sarah Sheehan
My experience with Dr. Melissa Yunes is superb. She is part counselor, part psychic, part technical genius and a full time caring brilliant professional. With my severe hearing loss, I would be unable to function without her.
David Crow
Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia has been extraordinarily helpful on every visit made on behalf of my 89 year old mother. What an extraordinary practice: kind, caring & competent audiologists; knowledgable support staff & an office well stocked with fairly-priced hearing aid accessories. When my mother moved from Florida to Baltimore, I went to this practice (not far from my home) to purchase new rechargeable batteries for her hearing aids. When I told the receptionist that the batteries were supposed to last about a year, but were not working after 5 months, she immediately consulted with Dr. Gina Crovato. Dr. Crovato told me that a recently identified defect in the hearing aid battery doors contributed to the loss of power & said she could replace them if I just brought in the hearing aids, which I did. My Mom had already seen another audiologist in Baltimore, who did not seem to be aware of this problem. My mother has since seen Dr. Kelsey Trinka, who is so patient, listens carefully and was able to make some needed adjustments in the hearing aids. My mother is slowing down & Dr. Trinka made sure she was comfortable & never rushed her. When another problem came up & I thought the warranty had expired on the hearing aids, Dr. Trinka took time to check the purchase/warranty papers from the Florida audiologist where the hearing aids were purchased, and verified with the manufacturer that the repair warranty is still valid for many months. I have accompanied my mother on multiple visits to audiologists in Pennsylvania, Maryland & Florida, as she moved. After her first pair of hearing aids were purchased in Pennsylvania, the audiologist said "See you in two years", as though her job, selling the hearing aids, was done. It takes considerable training & expertise to program hearing aids & I now understand that adjustments may be needed over several months to fine-tune programming as the wearer gets acclimated. This audiology practice is clearly committed to ensuring that the most up-to-date technology is working properly to service hearing impairment in a very patient-centered manner. I highly recommend this practice, because the purchase of hearing aids is not an end in itself; everyone needs competent follow-up support to make the most of that investment over time.
P B.
I recently received new hearing aids through Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia. My audiologist was Dr. Gina Crovato, and I highly recommend her. This is my third set of hearing aids from different vendors and have worked with many top notch audiologists, but Dr. Crovato tops them all. Meetings were professional and educational, and Dr. Crovato imparted her knowledge and sound advice with great enthusiasm. She is intuitive and helpful and paid great attention to my ancillary (possibly unrelated) ear issues and researched and suggested solutions. Dr. Crovato went above and beyond to ensure the most beneficial use of the hearing aids with training me and testing, adjusting and programming the aids as necessary - all with a friendly and outgoing demeanor. I will definitely coninue to see her when and if necessary, and so will my husband in the event that his hearing loss requires aids.
Sabine Bisson
I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr Trinka and she was amazing. By far the best audiologist I've met to date. I've been wearing hearing aids now for about 5 years and have always felt that past audiologists just looked at me as a number and never really listened to what I had to say, and when I would try to explain my hearing loss to them it seemed like they didn't care. Then I met Dr Trinka, who greeted me with a warm smile and friendly hello from the beginning. She took the time to listen to me and actually understand what I was trying to say. I did not feel rushed in anyway and it was over all by far my most pleasurable experience at an audiologist office. I now have a brand new pair of hearing aids that feel amazing and fit my needs, and a doctor who I know I can count on. I HIGHLY recommend Hearing Associates of Northern VA to anyone either experienced with hearing loss or just looking for a place to start their hearing loss journey.
Emma N.
Dr. Yunes is my doctor. I went through a testing regimen and ended up getting a pair of Widex hearing aids. Things were great and the practice has been very helpful. However, today they took customer service a step further. One of my new hearing aids broke about 6 months after I purchased them. I showed up and they took it apart and fixed it on the spot ( had to replace a part). It was amazing customer service (and free). Several of my friends said it's cheaper to get hearing aids at Costco. It may be but having local excellent customer service is a rare thing these days!
Tom P.
the best in Audiology care...simply the best - they are dedicated to excellence and beyond for their clients..thank you
The best.....thank you for the domes for my resound hearing aid, today 16 July
RJ Hamster
I can not say enough positive things about this practice! They are extremely: Caring, Knowledge and Professional. Trust me, you go here as a patient or take a loved one, you will be thrilled that you did!
Tony Perkins
I can not say enough positive things about this practice! They are extremely: Caring, Knowledge and Professional. Trust me, you go here as a patient or take a loved one, you will be thrilled that you did!
Tony Perkins
Hmmmm not sure why I gave them 3 stars previously, probably because I just got 1 thing done. At any rate, made the plunge in November for brand new hearing aids. My dad and I really like Dr. Yunes, and the new aids are amazing - they've really come a long way in 7 years (yes, I've had hearing aids last that long). The hearing test was QUICK, and consistent with my prior audiograms from TLC. I've been in a few times post-hearing aid purchase to tweak the programs, one of the aids was going haywire on vacation, but we figured out that it was possible the radiation from my iphone causing my aids to switch over to phone mode and make crazy beeps. Haven't had an issue since. Yes hearing aids are expensive, and the technology has improved immensely so with that comes cost. But if you are a senior, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you go see a certified licensed audiologist and not try to 'save money" by going to Costco, or any other hearing aid type dispenser company. Both my grandfather and my father in law have not been very successful in having their hearing needs met by those companies, and shrug me off when my dad and I both say they need to go see a DR of audiology. Anyways, long story to say, Dr. Yunes rocks :)
Sarah W.
I recently visited the Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia for a routine hearing test. I was promptly greeted upon arrival and introduced to Dr. Crovato. She walked me to the test room and gave me a brief but clear overview of the process in terms I could understand. Once the testing began, again, Dr. Crovato walked me through each test and what I could expect. The tests performed seemed comprehensive and thorough. At the conclusion of the test, Dr. Crovato walked me through the results and explained the ranges, the results that fell out of the range, and the impacts of the deviations. Finally, she provided her medical opinion for courses of action. She provided options and I never once felt pressured for additions tests or to buy anything. Overall, my experience was very pleasant and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia and Dr. Crovato to any of my friends or family for their hearing needs!
Greg Z.
My family has received excellent service at this practice. Friendly, compassionate professional staff.
S G.