5 stars for Dr Howard! He is amazing. His staff recognized I needed to be seen asap and got me in. Dr. Howard is very knowledgeable, prescribed immediately and referred me for necessary treatment at the hospital. I'm thankful for his straight forward kindness, wisdom and professionalism.
g Thom
Spacious waiting area with snack bar. Aquarium to keep you entertained while waiting. Staff was very helpful and attentive to my needs with the procedure
Jim Ford
My nurse practitioner Morgan Folchert that I see there is wonderful! She is so knowledgeable, kind, and responsive to all of my concerns. I have been seen for a variety of issues.
Andrea K
The entire staff at WRENT were amazing on the day of my thyroid surgery. They answered all of my questions and explained what I could expect pre and post surgery. I can't say enough positive things about my experience, thank you again for a great experience!
Jason Hofer
Staff was so friendly and helpful.
Haldeen Johnson
Dr. Troy Howard is not only a ear, nose, and throat specialist. I met him in the emergency room with two completely through lacerations from the bottom of my lip to the bottom of my chin. My face was hanging off my face simply put. Dr. Howard was confident and went to work with conviction after he assured me that everything was going to be okay. Before he got there I had my doubts. He went to work, and I couldn’t believe my eyes once I looked in the mirror. He saved me from a life of meeting new people and asking what had happened to me. I doubt anyone will ever know. Thank you Dr. Howard.
Very pleased with Dr Howard. He took time to explain all the options. Let me make the final decision with no pressure. And felt like he really cared. My husband is now seeing him. We both highly recommend Dr. Howard.
Joy Struebing
This is the best place for sinus issues. Janell,CNP and Dr Schleiffarth are knowledgeable, kind and professional, but also personable. I appreciate the good care I have received.
Madeline A.
Jim's surgery went exceptionally well. He is very satisfied with the results. Dr. and staff were friendly and spent the time to answer all our questions. I highly recommend them.
I had a very unplanned procedure there today, and I was very pleased it was able to be done same day. The doc and staff were very professional and friendly. Great experience.
Dave Watson
Great place! Great people! They worked my son right in to be seen for an emergency. Amazing hospitality ????
Sill B
Excellent service highly recommended nurses,staff and doctors are the best.
Diana Murphy
In the last 20 years that I have lived in Rapid City, I have NEVER dealt with a deep-hearted passionate and caring Audiologist before. In my eyes West River ENT VERY top on my list and I just don't go to anyone. The West River Audiologist makes deeply respects your concerns, makes time for you until you feel confident and all of your worries turn negative. West River ENT is a phenomenal place to get services. I would highly deeply recommend them WITHOUT a doubt
inspired to be me
Very comfortable environment and everyone was nice. Never questioned my concerns and the medical plan I chose to do for my health. Very good place to go.
My son had his tonsils taken out two weeks ago by Dr. Schleiffarth. The whole entire staff was so so sweet to him. They allowed him to drive back to surgery in style in his very own race car. All of the nurses and doctors waved to him and made him feel comfortable leaving me to go back to surgery. They kept me informed, answered all questions and as soon as surgery was done Dr. Schleiffarth came to talk with me. He even gave me a souvenir picture of the tonsils ? which my son enjoyed looking at. Thank you to the whole team. You guys are incredible. 10/10 would recommend.
Holly Ann
Very comforting to realize the quality of care offered. This practice recommended for all with any ENT concerns. Fine service!
Milton White
They are so nice and gets you right in
Mary Kost
Great service overall
Anni I
Everyone at WRENT is courteous, professional, and has your best interests in mind. They take the time to listen and recommend further services as needed.
William Ouellette
Very friendly staff and excellent service.
William Knight
Friendly staff, timely service. Highly recommended!
cory hudgin
The staff and Dr. are great. I highly recommend West River ENT
Laci Evans
Dr. Guy is a thoughtful and caring doctor. He asked me a lot of questions and listened intently to my answers. His suggested treatment was insightful and hopeful for a long term symptom I have. I'm glad he was there for me.
Deborah Walter
Always polite and welcoming. Made comfortable and my daughter enjoyed the hospitality.
Mina Dillon
Dr Schleiffarth removed my thyroid 1 week ago. Great surgeon and a very nice Dr.
Starlett Reed
they found my problem on the first visit and I still use them for hearing problems. Super Nice People !!
Van Dennis
Since Allergy & Asthma of the Black Hills merged in January 2019 with West River Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic. I feel I am still getting real good care from the nurses & Doctors that work there. I am very pleased with the way I have been treated. I have no complaints at all. Plus I would recommend this office to other people that need this kind of care. I will still give this office a 100% rating. As of January 2020, I have still been going to this clinic. And I am very pleased with the care I am given & I am also very happy with all the staff there. They are very proficient in the way they do things and the nurses are very good in what they do in the Allergy clinic. They are very proficient in the way do things, and they also give you your privacy. And now with this COVID 19 VIRUS: ALL THE STAFF AT THIS CLINIC WEARS A MASK & ARE VERY CAREFUL IN THE WAY THEY TREAT YOU. Everything gets wiped down after every patient. Which is wonderful! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR A JOB WELL DONE!
Bernadette Ward
Everyone was really nice, from when I entered to when I left. Definitely recommend, amazing atmosphere!
Renee Johnson
Amazing people. They took very good care of me. A special to the nurse that held my hand thru it all. You are truly an angel. Thank you.
Monique Brave
I love being treated as a patient by a staff that really listens to me and even though I have some very difficult issues to treat, they do all they can to correct my health issues. Here I am a patient and not a business transaction.
Michelle Lammers
Mine and my daughter's experience here was amazing! All of the staff were extremely informative, welcoming, caring, and easy to get along with. I felt comfortable right away with the care my daughter was going to receive. I appreciated how friendly everyone was the whole way through, and the care and concern for my daughter afterwards. 10/10 would highly recommend. also, the doctor was very great with how I wanted to go about my child's care, and didn't try to push me the opposite way.
Kiersten Mae
Dr Schleiffarth is amazing! After a year of and half of ear pain and many doctors telling me that they couldn't find out what's wrong. west river ent took the time to listen to me and understand my pain and finally figured out what was wrong! I'm so thankful for them!
Aftan Dressler
Dr. Bowen is patient, and works with you to determine the best treatment for your allergies. He's helped me keep my allergy symptoms manageable.
Jacky Carnahan
Dr's Stout and Bowen did a great job helping me with my hearing issues, and my hearing aids worked very well.
Dan Egger
FIVE STAR! Best of the best in this office. Have had so many sinus issues all my life and Dr Schleiffarth had helped me so much!
Catherine Kerr
Hola doctor creo k usted tiene todos los conocimientos para curar cuál k ero enfermedad le deseo Exsito y vien venido a Gillette WYOMING. Saluditos doctor WEST RIVER ENT ?
Marta Varela
I got my tonsils taken out here and everyone was sooooo nice and welcoming. They helped make the experience a lot better
Marissa Crawford
I would highly recommend West River ENT. Especially, Dr. Guy ,Dr. Rod, and Dr. Aggie. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional!Thanks for everything!
Joel Markworth
I would highly recommend Dr. Guy ,Dr. Rod, and Aggie. They are very friendly, courteous, professional and did a great job with my earing needs !! Thanks for everything!! Debra Smith
Debra Smith
Dr. Schleiffarth and his staff are excellent! They are very caring and professional. He has been my daughter’s doctor for few years and has really helped her achieve wonderful results with her hearing.
Eric Emery
Dr. Rob and his team are great. He has worked with my young son, and has a great bed side manner, answered all our questions and put my son at ease. I would highly recommend this office.
Josh Biberdorf
We had a wonderful experience! Our nurse Melissa was absolutely fantastic and the Doc made sure to answer all my questions and thoroughly explained everything without rushing. I would highly recommend West River ENT!
Jennifer Marshik
He's a very good doctor he's the only that would do anything with my son after being to 5 different doctors I would recommend him to everyone
Malachi Gonzalez
Great staff and the and everyone, well the girls name all start with "A" LOL
Dale Eisenbraun
West River ENT and Dr Rob Schlifarth is by far the very best allergy clinic and Dr. in town! He has helped all of my family.
Catherine Kerr
My grandson has severe allergies and when Dr Janns retired we was sent to these people. They ran tests and showed him not to have one allergy even though he has has such allergic reactions his tongue swells and we have to use an epi pen in him. He has at least one a week. Dr. Janns put him on 2 antihistamines plus ranidine which is also acts as a antihistamine. I explained this but they didn't believe this stops you from showing allergies so now they don't believe he has allergies and refused to give him a prescription for his epi pen. We almost lost him Thursday nite as they had to do his epi 3 times plus steroid. We will find a Dr that knows what there doing. Poor judgement of a childa need just because they don't understand his system. I don't recommend them to anyone. But good luck
Kelsey Smith
Knowledgeable, thorough, fast not wasting your time.
Vern Hagedorn
Ashley Rose
Thank you Andrea Hanson for seeing me this morning without an appointment! My face and neck were huge and ear pain. The staff worked me in very fast.Andrea diagnosed my issue, showed me the anatomy of problem I was having on a screen, explained what went wrong, and how to treat it. I left feeling grateful Andrea and West River ENT! Thank you!!!!
Lori Ball
Kief Hansen
A year ago my life changed quickly- overnight really. I went to bed one night fine and woke up spinning out of control. Days later I was told to see an ENT. With little hope.... I did. From the The two receptionists out front answering the phone and dealing so politely with the panicked girl on the other end to my nurse, Gaelle who goes above and beyond for me (thank u) to Dr S who is incredible and treated me so fast and had my Ménière's (vertigo) under control in less than a week. I am grateful to this clinic for being so good to me and taking great care of me when I am feeling pretty down and out. You all truly change lives and that is so important when something can bring your life to a halt. God bless you all. Hope not to see you too soon �� at the clinic anyway LOL. Thank you. All of you.
Lisa Baker Gruhn
Our 2 yr old daughter had ear tubes put in last Friday with Dr. Schleiffarth and I just want to say what a wonderful job he did. The entire staff at West River ENT were excellent. Thank you for taking such good care of our baby Blair! Highly recommend to anyone.
Dr Schleiffarth and his team did a wonderful job on my surgery yesterday and I'm so thankful for how well they took care of my and made sure the procedure went smoothly. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend Dr Schleiffarth for any issues you are having!
Christi Sheets
Dr. Schleiffarth was very knowledgeable about my condition and was very proactive in my treatment. I normally get treated at Mayo clinic but it so nice to have a great ENT at home. So glad that he is here!
Jodi Holsworth
Dr. Schleiffarth was amazing with me. Explained everything to me as he did it and really helped with my sinus problems. Would recommend him to everyone!
Danielle Castle
Excited that Dr. Schleiffarth has started his own practice. Will be making an appointment soon because I have heard great things about him.
Debbie Schortzmann